Woo I'm finally getting a Crimson Stripe Piece

  1. lol I'm so annoyed, I JUST got the Punch Swingpack and now I'm having to put it on eBay because I just won a Sig Stripe Demi in Crimson! =D I LOVE that bag but only wanted it in Crimson and she had a buy it now and I got it! =D I'm SO excited but annoyed that I just got the swingpack and now I gotta sell it to get the money for the demi. But in the end I'm getting the bag I really truly wanted! So if you guys are looking for a swingpack, I have it on eBay for the exact price I paid for it, just incase anyone was looking. I'm SO EXCITED about my new demi! The Crimson is SOOOO PRETTY! *faint* Ok I'm done. No more Skittles for breakfast for me!
  2. congrats!

    and, IMO, the crimson is soooooo much more dramatic than the punch! Enjoy it!
  3. I absolutely LOVE the crimson, and it took every ounce of restraint I had not to buy one of those bags. I hope you enjoy it! I think that's a great year round bag.
  4. I am a big fan of the crimson. Its such a great looking combo. Enjoy
  5. I know the photos she showed just made me MELT. She lives in NJ, maybe I'll get it first thing next week!
  6. I love the crimson - you can definatley get more wear out of that color!! Enjoy!
  7. YAY! :heart: I love Crimson. I'm getting the signature stripe tote in crimson, it's on a FedEx truck right now! I REALLY want the demi you're getting though, I saw one on e-bay, they're kind of rare! OH I'm jealous, congratulations! POST PICS OF THAT BEAUTY!
  8. OH I will! I saw it on eBay, first time ever, but there was no buy it now! I emailed the lady and begged for a buy it now and she was so sweet and did! Yippie!

    Post pice of that tote too razor! I HAVE to see it! =D And don't forget to give us a pose pic too. I love seeing what these bags look like on ppl!

  9. OMG! That's the one I saw last night on Ebay that I posted to the ebay finds thread! I AM SO GLAD YOU BOUGHT THAT!!!! I wanted someone on tPF to get that bag!

    YAY!!!!!! :heart: :yahoo::drool:

    I can't wait to see pics of that puppy. SO GORGEOUS. I would have bid on it but I have 2 sig stripe demi's.... gosh, I'm so jealous! Congrats again, that's AWESOME!
  10. LOL that's so funny! Yes tis mine! BWAHAHAH!
    lol yes well if anyone knows about Sig Stripe demis it's YOU! ;) Do you have any pics of you wearing one? ;)

  11. AUGH! No! I hate taking pics of myself. I feel so self-centered. I don't know why. I'm a 'tard. When I get that tote though I'm gonna take pics of me wearing it AND my other bags to post for the runway because people have been asking, so I'll make sure that they get posted! :shame: I'm gonna feel like a moron. I'll make my DH take them.