WOO! I got my TAN Paddy med. satchel!

  1. I got it yesterday, and it's beee-utiful!

    This is my first paddy ever, and i'm so surprised at how pretty it is and all of the wonderful detail! The color is richer than i thought, and much prettier than i expected!
    The leather is sooo nice and thick (used to balenciaga), pebbly and SOFT!

    I think this baby is taking first place in my favorite bag line!

    I'll be sure to take pics soon here! :love:
  2. Congrats!!!!!! :biggrin:
    Pics please! Is the Tan much different from Whiskey??
  3. Congrats! PBI... Nicolette, yes, the colors are different. Whiskey is about three shades darker than Tan and a tad more orange. Roey has pics of the two colors together, I believe she posted them somewhere around here.
  4. Congrats! Is yours the 06 tan? I have 05 and would love to see a picture of the 06 tan for comparison. Post if you can! :biggrin:
  5. Thank you Daisy!!!:amuse:
    I'm dying to get the Paddington Boots (since it's so difficult to find boots in a color that comes close to Whiskey) but it seem as if they only exist in Tan?!:suspiciou
  6. Thanks guys! :amuse:
    Yes, the colors are different. I originally wanted the whiskey, but then saw the tan and fell in love.
  7. Thanks, roey! Mine is the a/w 2005 tan. :amuse: I got it very gently used from a fellow LVLU member. It's in brand new condition. Looks like it's never seen the outside! Unless that's just how Paddys wear...:love:
    It's nice getting used bags from bag fanatics! lol. They get tired of bags quickly (usually!) and barely use them. lol
  8. :biggrin: roey!
    where are the pics of your Whiskey an dTan together? Thank you
  9. ok, saw them....DAMN! Now I want a choco and a Taupe too:wacko: :lol: :love:
  10. Let me see if i can attach the pics. :shame:
    The second one is most true-to-color.

    Please excuse my very messy work desk!!! I'm cleaning it up before i go on vacay tomorrow.
    chloepaddy1.jpg chloepaddy2.jpg chloepaddy3.jpg
  11. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing pics! I'm really on a Chloe love-fest lately. :love:
  12. Right here Nicolette!! :nuts:

    Sorry to take over your thread Jennifleur! Your tan Paddy is gorgeous! I am so glad to hear you were able to invest your money in an 05 bag - the leather is so much nicer than the 06 season, and the color so much richer. You're lucky!! :biggrin:
  13. That's ok! :amuse: It's all about the paddy love!

    Thanks! I love it so much! :love: That's what i've heard about the 05 leather. I'm anxious to see an 06 in person to compare.
  14. jennifleur:
    your Paddy is so cute! Have fun with it! I have to admid: I'm still caressing mine even when I'm in my car and I llllooooove the smell of it *hgrg*:love:

    Thank you so much! I wish I'd never asked..:cry: ...Now I want all of them too :biggrin:
  15. Your tan Paddy is just beautiful! I am so excited for you! I have loved the tan from the beginning, and I think it is equal to or more lovely than the whiskey. Although I just spotted a whiskey hobo on NM and have it in my cart....

    But congrats to you! Welcome to the Paddy clan!