Woo! I got my cherry watch pendant!

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  1. I wasn't expecting this to arrive from the US so quickly, but got to the letterbox this morning and found a USPS package waiting for me with my MBMJ cherry watch pendant :yahoo:


    I'd ordered the half eaten apple one from Net-A-Porter before, but was really disappointed by its lack of red (it was more orange), so I'm really happy that this is cute and much more striking :love:
  2. i love the cherries. it's my favorite one. i bought the open faced apple necklace too. the white part started to bother me, so i ended up selling it on ebay. i love your new watch pendant though. congrats!
  3. very cute Congrats. i love it
  4. Very cute!
  5. This is adorable!! Love it!
  6. That is cute! I like cherries, though!
  7. too cute!
  8. Viv, it's beautiful! I agree, I love this color red so much more than the apple. BTW, did you receive your Ursula bowler and Ferrari red MP yet??
  9. Gorgeous...:yes:
  10. Thanks :shame:

  11. Thanks Elyssa :smile:

    I thought my red mp was never going to arrive! It seemed to be lost in transit since it left LA on 14th March, and I was getting into a bit of a panic because the UK and US postal services didn't know where it was/couldn't do anything about it because it wasn't in either country, but it's finally being delivered today! I can't wait to get it hehe. I still don't know if it's ferrari or tomato...I shall check the lining later or post pics to confirm.

    And my ursula bowler is in customs awaiting charges...boo
  12. cute, cute, cute!
  13. Can't wait Viv!!