Woo hoo!!

  1. :yahoo:

    I went out Saturday and bought my dream bag! I bought the jumbo caviar classic flap in black with silver! I am so in love! I had recently purchased two cambon bags from the Saks sale, maybe some of you have read this already from my previous posts, but the bags were wrong in every aspect and had to go back. I returned them Saturday morning and went off to the Chanel boutique to make things "right," meaning, I needed a replacement bag!! I had such an ordeal and was so disappointed with the Saks bags that only a classic flap would make it all better! And it sure did! I bought the jumbo size thinking that would be a good size for everyday...my only concern is....is this bag too much bag for everyday??
  2. I don't think it's too much, I think it's just right! Don't you just love getting a bag that you know if perfect! Congrats, post pictures if you can!
  3. I will post pictures when I figure out how to do it...I have to go read the threads on the subject...

    I am such a happy clam right now!
  4. Thats a fantastic bag - I bought the exact same bag the other month as my first Chanel.

    I think its the perfect size for everyday use... fits all my essentials including a small umbrella (essential for London weather!). The size smaller than jumbo just too small for every day or now and again day use.

    I love mine - I heard the red jumbo flap is coming out in August - I am considering buying that too. The classic double flap I reckon is just way too small to be practical - for me anyway.
  5. Ooh can I ask how much you got it for Sappho? I just want to compare prices between London and the US.

  6. Love the classic - seems like you found your true purchase!!!! Enjoy the bag
  7. Congrats! Cant wait to seee pics :biggrin:
  8. The jumbo was $1695.......

    Soph: You manage to fit an umbrella in your bag??

    The large was just way too small, about half the size...which is a great size for evening and such....but I am so use to carrying around a large wallet, cosmetic case, and a big fat sunnies case...so I need the space!
  9. Yay!! ;)

    I don't think its too much. I use my caviar flap bag as an every day bag ;)
  10. Yay indeed! You deserve that bag after all the Saks drama. I completely know what it's like - that urge to fill the void!
  11. I love this bag. It is a great everyday bag. I have the same one in black and in white. It fits everything and wears like iron.
  12. Here she is!!!

    Caviar Flap 1.jpg Caviar Flap 2.jpg
  13. Congrats ... the bag is stunning! Do we get to see pics of you holding it? I like seeing how the bag looks on people. Please!
  14. OMG :nuts: *drool* I soooo want this bag! This will be my 3rd Chanel piece. I love the black with silver hardware :love: Congrats!
  15. Aw Sappho, she's gorgeous. Enjoy!