Woo Hoo!

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  1. I just got a playground Bon Viaggio for £25!!! ($50)
    i was bidding on it til the last seconds on ebay, my heart was racing, lmao! :yahoo:
    can't wait til it arrives, all I need is a qee as it doesnt come with one
  2. Congrats dollypink !! That's a great buy!! :yes:
  3. congrats thats a steal!
  4. wow, that's a really great price, congrats!
  5. I didn't even see a listing like that for it. Where did you find the listing?

    Congrats btw..that's awesome!! I wish I could get a deal like that lol. :love:
  6. cheers everyone!
    it was a UK listing, so it might not've shown up depending on where you are
  7. Ohhh. I see. I hope it was real!
  8. I'm in NY and usually things from Asia and Australia show up...actually even UK listings...do I have to go to ebay.com.uk to see those listings?- does it make a difference?
  9. here are the pics... i don't doubt that it's real

  10. wow great deal!! congrats!
  11. Congrats! From the pictures, it looks real. Great deal!:yahoo:
  12. Congrats! awesome deal :yahoo:
  13. Super deal! Congrats!
  14. oooo, congrats! :biggrin:!! that's a great steal!
  15. Congrats!! $50?! That's such a deal!!