Woo Hoo!!! We're Going Home Tomorrow!!

  1. YES!! We're going home tomorrow.. Finally!!! Me and my DH is currently staying at her parents place since his parents are away for a vacation for around 2 weeks. I just brought one handbag with me since it would be very inconvenient for us if I brought all my Chanels with me. Hehehe. They're place is quite dirty (no offense) so I just brought my LV instead of my Chanel. (hehe! Sorry!) We're just staying there for a week and it seemed like forever! Time is so slow there and he can't take it anymore since there's no DVD player there.. We're going home tomorrow evening at our place and I can't wait to get hold of my Chanel Handbags once more! And to put my Chanel Family Photo! (I have an updated one, since I got rid of one of my vintage Chanels... :sad: )Haaaaayyy.. I just can't wait for tomorrow!! :yahoo: :yes: :graucho: :wlae:
  2. have a safe trip home!! cant wait to see pics!
  3. I know how you feel. Last summer I went to a fiddle camp for a week. This one is outdoors and the classes are either under a tent or in a small, old, DIRTY cabin. Besides, since it's in a national forest it's not exactly a "designer bag" sort of place. I used a small $20 organizer wallet/bag thingie while I was gone, but I was in MAJOR bag withdrawal the whole time. As soon as my luggage hit my living room floor, I was putting my stuff back in my Prada!:yahoo:

    Aren't we pathetic! :shame:
  4. Look forward to seeing pics!
  5. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. (Don't forget to click your heels together.)

  6. HA HA- glad you are on your way home!
  7. Yes!! haha! I can't wait to go home tonight because my DH is going to move our stuffs back to our place this afternoon. We were supposed to move this morning (at around 3 am) but of course, if I agreed with him, I would be sleepy all day! Will post the pics tomorrow for sure! :biggrin: *excited!*
  8. i can feel your elation. Enjoy your trip home
  9. There is no place like home. Have a safe trip back.