Woo hoo - very nice compliment on my satchel today!

Jul 25, 2007
I was so excited because I RARELY get complimented on my bags. My very stylish neighbor was on her way to work this morning and stopped to talk to my husband (about his "new" car - the Porsche gets alot of attention!) Anyway I walked out w/my bag on my shoulder as we were going to run some errands, and she stopped mid-sentence about the car and said "Donna that is one hot bag! Wow - what is that?" So of course I went over and handed her my bag to try on, she was really drooling over it, loved the color especially, and said she never saw it before. I told her it wasnt available in the stores yet, but will be out soon, and she wrote down the name of the bag so she could go check it out in person. After a few minutes she had to get going and turned to walk away and I saw her bag. I said to her "Hey, I just got a huge compliment on my Coach from a lady with a black leather Prada! You just made my day!!!" and she cracked up. So big :tup: on my burnt orange satchel!!!


Jan 29, 2008
Oh wow! Isn't that cool ? I have to admit that I love compliments too! I don't like my Carly that much, but the other day the lady in Lancome said "That's a nice bag" and for a minute there I though my Carly was not that bad!
Yeah, so celebrate your ergo satchel! its wonderful


Sep 26, 2007
Central Texas
Woohoo! Bag congrats are wonderful!

I had some girls compliment my tattersall tote the other day. One asked to look inside (LOL. Not like dig through my stuff but just peer at the lining).

Suprisingly I never got compliments on Ali.

I love love love the satchel!!!