Woo hoo! This is what I just scored...

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  1. I just paid the BIN price on eBay for a NWT black patchwork multipocket for $650 including shipping. I'm really excited...is this a good price and is this a hard bag to find nowadays? :yahoo:
  2. I am not sure ,but it sounds very nice! Show pics when you get her!
  3. Congrats! :woohoo: Multipockets are such great bags!! Please post pictures when it arrives!
  4. nice! I am considering a black soft calf mp as my next bag... def post pics! maybe it will sway my decision ;) :tup:
  5. enjoy your new multipocket! love the patchwork :biggrin:
  6. I'll be interested to see the patchwork. All the MP's I have seen are just the calf leather!
  7. I am dying to see pics of your bag. I love the MP, but I have not seen a patchwork one. Congrats!!
  8. i cant wait for pics!