Woo Hoo Price Adjustment at Neimans!!!

  1. So, I haven't taken the tags of my Moka Bay that I got a couple weeks ago, the guilt of spending $1100 on a bag was kind of getting to me, so I thought I should wait and see what the after Cmas sales had to offer.

    The 'nice' mall near me has a Nordy's and Neimans. Nordy's had a couple bigger Paddy's, green which wasn't really getting me, and a nice Whiskey Edith. Nothing I liked as much as the bay though.

    So, then I went to Neimans, and there was another Bay, exactly like mine on the sale table, $800 (thereabouts), so I grab it, find DD and DH and I was like "OMG, what do I do? Buy this one and bring the other back? Just ask for the adjustment?"

    Then, I went back to the SA, who was the one I had bought it from originally, and said "Look, I bought this 2 weeks ago, what can I do?" And she said she would look it up on my account and adjust the price! So I got a $312 credit!

    So NOW, I feel like I can use her, my new beauty, in peace, YAY!!!!!

    Best of luck to all the ladies shopping the sales, there were some great deals to be had!
  2. Somehow when I can get a price adjustment, the bag just gets sweeter and prettier! Congrats!
  3. I did that with my Valentino bow bag last year and saved big. It's like a huge rock off your chest. 800 dollars WOW Nice!!
  4. lucky you!! More money to put into another bag..hehe!!!

  5. Now that is SWEET:tup: !!! Well done:wlae: !!! Sadly for us British TPF'ers, I can tell you there's no way something like that would be offered by the bag depts in stores here in the UK :nogood:. You're going to doubly enjoy using that bag now:yahoo:.How utterly satisfying - excellent news:woohoo:.
  6. Oh that is terrific yoga mama!! This is the kind of thing we all like to hear. I paid a little less than that amount at Sacoche but it was during the "Ramadan Sales" - who knew? It is never as satisfying unless it is on sale unless you are richer than Croesus (?spelling?) and it doesn't matter. Good SA's are hard to beat - even though you want to sometimes.
  7. It never hurts to ask - does it! Well done. And if you think you got a bargain I find that it takes a stigma away from the bag and you let yourself use it more for everyday - than saving the overpriced expensive stuff for special occasions!

    Happy toting!