Woo Hoo, PCE shopping day is here!!

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  1. Sitting here waiting until my daughter gets off work so we can head to King of Prussia to do PCE shopping! I have my list ready but want to see how some things look on me. The only bag I am sure about is the Lg Kristin Hobo in blue smoke. I love large bags. Gonna look at the Sophias and the Madison Shoulder bag and anything else that catches my eye :graucho:.

    Also trying to decide between another shot of color with a red bag or a large black bag (right now I have a Karlas Clutch). My bags I carry most often have to hold my Kindle, LOL.

    My daughter has her eye on a bag, may buy it for her, but haven't told her.

    If I spend less than I am thinking about, we may stop at Lancaster on the way back

    Have a great day everyone.

  2. Lucky daughter!!!!
  3. So, how did it go?
  4. can't wait to see~
  5. How was your shopping trip today?

    Which Coach bags did you get? Please post pics.
  6. ohh cant wait to see what you got on your shopping day!
  7. Hope you had a fabulous time!
  8. #8 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    Hi everyone!! We had a fabulous time today at the Coach store at King of Prussia. We spent quite a bit of time there, looking around and deciding what we wanted. All the SA's were wonderful, remembering us from our 2 previous visits and what we purchased and remembering my Karla's clutch.

    I fully expected to like the Sophias but wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. I was really thinking about the gathered lg sophia but didn't like her in person. The floral sophia was TDF in person, absolutely gorgeous, just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on her when I knew my daughter wanted a bag also.

    After really looking around and trying out many bags (the SA's were so patient) we finally decided what we were getting.

    For my daughter: Lg black Kristen Hobo
    Cow Key fob- to be mailed to us
    Skull key fob
    Goldy wristlet

    For myself: Lg Kristen Hobo in blue smoke
    Madison Leather Shoulder Bag in black- loved this bag and love the lining
    Cow Key fob
    Travel key fob
    Tartan Universal Case

    On the way back we stopped at the outlet in Lancaster and got my daughter a black wallet and each of us the ocelet coin purse. I may call KOP tomorrow and see if they will send me the Kristen blue smoke wallet on my PCE yet.

    I think we had a very busy day, LOL. We got home just a short while ago. My husband got home shortly after us, his poor eyes about bugged out when he saw all the bags, LOL. But he just says "you make the money, what can I say," and he liked my purchases. I will do a reveal tomorrow on this thread, right now I am going to get something to eat.
  9. The Blue Smoke color is TDF. I have the satchel and it's absolutely gorgeous color. Great choice!
  10. I can't wait to see the reveal. I am curious about the blue smoke color.
  11. look forward to seeing your reveal!
  12. Oh, congrats to the two of you. Sounds like you had a super fun day :smile:! Can't wait to see your reveals :smile:!!
  13. Ok, finally got time to add pictures. Been very busy today running with my daughter. Started to carry my Madison Shoulder Bag today and just love it!! Also decided today to buy the Kristen Wallet in blue smoke to go with my bag. So on with the photos.

    Cow key fob: [​IMG]

    Poppy Universal Case: [​IMG]

    Travel Keyfob: [​IMG]

    More to come

  14. Super cute! Love the cow and it's little tail in the back :biggrin:! I love the colors of the uni case! They're too fun!
  15. Rest of pics:

    Ocelet Coin purse from the outlet:

    Kristen Hobo in blue smoke:

    Madison Leather Shoulder Bag:

    Love the interior:

    And my PCE buys together, these do not include what I bought for my daughter, I will have to get her to do a reveal.
    I think I made out pretty good.