Woo Hoo! on my way to france. . . advice please!

  1. on saturday my hubby and i are on our way to france!!!!:yahoo:i am soooo very excited and the first place i would like to visit is the LV flagship store. So do you guys have any tips for me? I heard that the line to go in the store was long and that there is only a limit of 2 bags per customer (is this true???):confused1:

    Also, I can't decide which bag(s) to get. . . I am thinking of getting 3 among the following: Montaigne sac in black, epi ivory in alma or speedy or jasmin or soufflot (note: i already have the azur speedy and am scared it might look the same as the ivory speedy), monogram lockit in vertical or regular, mc black ursula or rita ( note: i have white mc speedy and white mc petit noe). Your opinions would be greatly appreciated

    By the way, is the limited items like olympe available in the flagship store or it is still difficult to get them anywhere?

    Thanks sosoososo much. I am very very excited

    Sorry for the long post!

  2. Congrats! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun. I went to the flagship store last year, I actually went twice. i didn't have to stand in line both times I went. I think there is a limit on how many of one style/model you can buy. When I was there last year, i was able to buy a zippy, a men's wallet, a damier bag and wallet for my mom with no problem.
    I was a little disappointed when they did not have the bag that I wanted. When you get there, you can call their toll free number 0810 810 010 or 33 1 53 57 24 00 to find out which LV store has what you are looking for. That's what I did when I got there.
    Also, I did not know this when i got there but there is a counter inside that they direct you to wait for an SA until one becomes available. That's why no one was able to help me when i stood near the other displays. The SAs were very helpful and took out everything I asked and was even making suggestions on what i should buy. Don't forget to ask for the VAT refund form so you can get part of the VAT refunded to you. They will explain it to you. Sorry for the long post. If you have any other questions, just PM.
  3. i had a similar experience as Joie... No lines.. and i don't think there's a limit...

    Prices are WAY cheaper than anywhere else.. Be sure to get your VAT form so don't forget your passport..

    There was a thread earlier about details to claim VAT back from Europe..

    Have Fun...

    PS: i found Paris had more ltd items in stock
  4. thanks joie and kasumi. Any suggestions on which bags I should get? . . .
  5. i like the montaigne... although i'd try to get ltd items or more expensive items over there... Also, see if they still have any of the eiffel tower snow domes left.. That's where i picked mine up from...
  6. I vote the Jasmine in ivory :heart:
  7. get a limited edition !!!
  8. i was thinking of the olympe bags, the nimbus in particular. But I still need to pick 3 bags to get ive narrowed it down to:

    mc marilyn
    mono lockit
    epi ivory in alma


    montaigne sac in black
    epi ivory in alma
    mc ursula

    o my lordy, i am so confused Help!
  9. i recommend you get something you won't be able to puchase back home :yes: as for permanent collection bags, go for a Suhali (only if you're interested in them) because LV is cheapest in France. might as well take advantage and get the most expensive bag/s you can get hold of ;)

    have a wonderful time and do post pictures of your loot when you return :nuts:
  10. I went in March. LV mothership was my first stop. I loved it so much that my mom & sis had to drag me out of there. There were no lines, but it was fairly crowed inside. I really didn't want a SA at first, cause I just wanted to browse (with my mouth opened). Be sure to ask to go to the top for the LV cup display. The elevator ride is a trip (I won't spoil the surprise). lol. They have almost everything in stock there. The SA's are very friendly IMO. I asked about the snow globe for someone on the PF, they went to the back to check & said there were none left. Sorry. I would recommend that you just see what catches your eye. Try everything on, & have a great time. Can't wait to hear about your experience. By the way, does anyone know what the name of the bag is that looks like a very small LeFab? They had a couple in Paris that were aroud the size of a Spring Street (maybe a little bigger) made of lilac ostrich & another out of alligator, I think. They were gorgeous! Price was $6000. or more. Just wondered. thanks
  11. thanks deluxe duck and KathyD. I would surely take your advice. I will have a great time im sure and will post pics when I get back
  12. No advice, but I think that the advice to get the most expensive piece you can is great!
    We expect complete disclosure when you return!

  13. would it be the L'Aimable? mmmm....Suhali bags in exotic skins :drool: not so much the pricetag though :push:
  14. I am jealous. Please enjoy your trip and get something fabulous! Come back with lots of pictures.
  15. They were so pretty. I loved the lilac color. I thought the price was $600 & then I looked again & saw another digit. :nuts: lol. It might have been the L'Aimable, but the handle was short & stood up without falling over. It was not a shoulder strap. It almost looked like a miniature LaFab. Jen, maybe you could find out for us, pretty please. They are on the first floor.