WOO HOO! No more private feedback!

  1. wow....thats awesome! A baby step though...
  2. Fantastic! One small step at a time, I guess. :yes:
  3. Excellent!
  4. Haha--I wonder what some of the unethical sellers are going to do now.
  5. Yes!
  6. I just heard that, too. Thank you, eBay for doing at least a little to make the auction process a little more open.
  7. it is about time. can't wait. i love using toolhaus.org to read the negative feedback of sellers and now i'll have even more people to look up. i've been dying to read the feedback of macaboutique among others.
  8. Finally a step in the right direction!!! And now to REMOVE ALL THE FAKES!!!
  9. When does this go into effect?.....Cant wait.
  10. I just have to say...that is truly GREAT NEWS!!! Had to post again!!!
  11. this is good news so buyers like me know exactly what is going on.. sometimes, you never know exactly what you are dealing with.
  12. I never saw the point of having private feedback in the first place.... really only to deceive the people who were considering buying from those people! Glad it is gone!
  13. What is the link for this info? :confused1: