WOO HOO! My Wonderful Whiskey Paddy & Wallet

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  1. Wow! That must be an 05??
  2. Very cute!!! I love Paddington:love:!!!
    Wiskey colour is gorgeous!!!
  3. :yahoo:Ohhhh it's so nice! I also have a whiskey paddy on its way, my first Chloé bag, I'm so excited, just seeing your pictures makes me want it more. It looks so gorgeous, also the wallet! I've been also looking for it but I've lost a great opportunity on ebay a few time ago, hope I will it soon so as to match the bag.
    Congrats for such a gorgeous bag!:rolleyes:

  4. ITA! What a truly gorgeous Whiskey Paddy! :drool:
    Congrats :yahoo:
  5. :woohoo:

    Congrats... that bag is gorgeous!!! Perfect for any occasion! Love the colour
  6. They are beautiful congratulations.
  7. im drooling!!
  8. wowser! lucky girl, that is a gorgeous set :biggrin:

  9. Beautiful, what a great color!
  10. Actually it is an early 06. I think they had some 05 leather sitting around :nuts:

    Thanks for all the cheerful compliments! :heart:

    This bag is very photogenic :jammin:
    plus I love my Canon Elph.:love:
  11. I love my Paddy Whiskey too! THis picture shows it really padded with tissue.

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  13. So gorgeous! Congrats chicbags!!! :love:
  14. Absolutely stunning chicbags! You must so proud - as only a mother can be ;)
  15. :yahoo: CONGRATS
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