WOO HOO!!! My Tanos are here!

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  1. My bags arrived last night, just as I was heading out to yoga. They are just divine! I got the Postage Tramp in pomegranate and the Ready Steady in black. I'm already contemplating my next purchase, and in fact wanted to order the Three Fer from MHB this morning, but when I went back a couple of hours later, it was gone. Oh well.... I'm actually thinking maybe a Sex Bomb.

    I'll post pics as soon as I find the darn camera cable.
  2. Congrats!!! I too went online this morning in an attempt to snatch up a Three Fer in Pom from MHB and missed it.....I have it in grape and I luv it!!!
  3. Yay, Tori!!!! Can't wait for your pics!
  4. Congratulations Tori!
  5. Oh yay! Take lots of pictures! I think the Ready Steady looks so cool!

    I have been using my PT and am really enjoying a smaller bag. I still can't the strap thingy off but she is so pretty! I may put her away until Spring now. Of course I am moving next month and hubby wants me to clear out even more bags and I am thumbing my nose at him right now! Ha ha ha
  6. The Ready Steady is a fantastic bag! I love mine.
  7. Ok, here are pics of my new bags....

    Black Ready Steady and Pomegranate Postage Tramp. I'm almost 5'7, size 2. I'll also post these in the modeling forum.

    Attached Files:

  8. Great Tori! I have 2 PTs and a Ready Steady and love them all. I hope you will too!
  9. Great pics! Is the strap adjustable on the Ready Steady?
  10. OMG cute!!!! They both look terrific on you! The ready steady is such a cool-shaped bag, I like the pockets on the sides! And the pom with the dark trim looks divine! Congrats!!!
  11. Yep, but not by much - I'd say two inches at most.
  12. Super cute goodies! Love the PT and the Ready Steady! Congrats!!

  13. Is it easy to adjust? Does it feel secure on the longest setting?

    Sorry for all the questions, Tori hehe
  14. It's very easy to adjust - it's regular buckle, like the kind on a belt. There are three different holes to adjust. The bag is on the longest right now, and it feels fine to me - there is plenty of strap left after the buckle, KWIM?
  15. ^^Thank you for the info!! That bag is gorgeous!