WOO HOO, my black Purse is waiting for me at home!

  1. Now, I think I feel a little sick... :throwup: maybe I should go home????:wlae: :yahoo:
  2. CONGRATS! I'm about to get my truffle Purse! I'm so excited...I know how you feel!
  3. LOL!!!!!!!! Hope ya feel better:rolleyes: !!!!!! LOL

    :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. yay!!!!!
    congrats on the purse! don't forget to post some pics:graucho:
  5. Hi, where did you get your black purse?
  6. Congrats!!! don't forget to show us some pics :smile:
  7. congrats!! and we are waitiing here for you to share the excitement with pics :yahoo:
  8. hope your feeling better;)

    now, show us the pics! i bet its gorgeous!!!!!!
  9. Congrats :yahoo: ...please post pics!
  10. here's the pics
    flat.jpg shoulder.jpg
  11. Congrats again, the leather looks great.
    I'm shure you feel much better now :p
  12. Gorgeous!!! :p What a great style/size/shape on you! :yahoo: Congrats girl, you rock it :party:
  13. It's seriously awesome!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!
  14. Its pretty!! :heart:
  15. Congrats!!!
    Really awesome!
    Thanks for sharing great pics!