Woo hoo! Mulberry's coming to Leeds!

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  1. Just been browsing the stores and stockists list and see that they're opening a Mulberry Shop in Leeds early next month:yes:

    Not that I intend to buy anything at full price, of course - notice the "intend" there - but it will be useful for reference and for drooling.

    I bet the opening (and any special offers) will be when I'm away.
  2. Lucky you!!! Wish they'd open one in Cambridge!
  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH how exciting!! I am going to Leeds on 10 May, I wonder if it will be open then???!
  4. Been down County Arcade this morning and they seem to be hard at work on the new double fronted Mulberry Shop. Says "Opening in May" no further details. Almost opposite the LV shop - hope it won't be handbags at dawn!
  5. Dolly, can you let us know when it opens? I hope it will be in time for my trip!
  6. As soon as I know the date I'll let you know. It might have the info on the website once they have a firm opening date.

    BTW, looked at a gorgeous coral wallet in HoF. Will have to see if there are any at Shepton when I go......