WOO-HOO! LOOK WHAT I WON!!! Anyone know anything about her?

  1. :yahoo:I ended up being away from home when the auction ended...And thus I bid prior to leaving...Which is most likely a good thing. I would have stressed and most likely gotten HIVES due to my wanting it so badly... She had it marked as a Soho Tote. But when searching I found none that style in a Soho...But actually in a Legacy. So I believe she listed it wrong...Which is fine by me...Meant that ones looking for a Leather Legacy wouldn't stumble upon it...I got it for a STEAL! Or at least I hope so...Here's the link...


    The seller lists it sold (orig retail $598)...And I got it for below half that cost! It does have a small ink spot...But I plan on taking a Mr.Clean eraser to it once it arrives. (One mentioned it works for them) It also took marker out of my cream colored chaise lounge! So I'll try it. It's on the inside of the purse so it shouldn't matter if it lightens the area a tad either...

    Here's my baby...:love: In case ones don't wish to open the link.;) I am just in love with her...If anyone knows more about her...I would love to have more information on her...I know she comes up in the Drill Down.(And she was authenticated on this site as well)

    :love: I just LOVE her outer pockets. Is she just considered a Legacy Tote? Or does she have another name?
    c7b7_12.jpg e791_12.jpg f2af_12.jpg
  2. Woo Hoo!
  3. Beautiful! My SIL has that exact bag. It is so gorgeous IRL! I'm sure you will love her! Congrats!
  4. Oooooooooo Very pretty!!! I love white, I just can't carry it or wear it. LOL! I am dying over the BEAUTIFUL chocolate signature lining!! It looks like it has an erodecent shimmer.
  5. Great deal! Congrats!!
  6. She was a Limited Edition Tote, and Yes she's from the Legacy Collection. I own her too in this same color, and I love her!

    She's made of Milled Vachetta Leather, and she feels soft to the touch. The pockets are very roomy, too. This style was redesigned and year later, and made in a slim version. But I like this roomier version more.

    Mine was on PCE, but you got a great price. Hope you love it, post pics when she arrives!
  7. Nice bag and you got such a great deal on it. Congrats and enjoy her! Let us know once you get her if you got the pen mark out. It might be helpful for me in the future cause I can be clumsy sometimes.
  8. Lucky you! It's Beautiful

  9. REALLY! You're SIL has her...That you seen her in real life and she's gorgeous...I can't tell you how excited I am upon hearing that...I just know the pictures make me :drool:...I almost hate to say this...BUT...I see my cute Small Flap Bleecker in all leather British Tan that I got with Christmas money... seeing some closet time...:sad:. And I'll have to explain it to my husband...:rolleyes:...But on the good note...I can tell him I need it for Church...I'll be taking over the Jr. Church lessons while the woman is on leave due to having her baby. And I'll use it as an excuse to use a tote...:p

    It's more of an Ivory/Bone color. I am hoping that means it's the color of leather that is on my Signature Hampton Stripe Pyton bag...I love the off white color of the leather. That I've pondered as to if I could locate a bag in that color...I am hoping it's not a stark white. The seller lists it as an ivory/bone color. Thus...I can do an off white~ (I also don't do white white's...;)

    Thank you so much coachgrl for the information! The seller states she's an ivory/bone color...So I am taking she's not a stark white. (Which would disappoint me if she was)

    I'll definately post pictures. I have a feeling I found my true love...:love:...I am so excited to be adding her to my collection. And learning she was a Limited Edition also is exciting! Thank you so much for helping me know more about my new baby~

    And the seller is only a state away from me...And deducted shipping costs! She recalcutated it. So I paid LESS for shipping that she had stated on the auction. HOW COOL IS THAT! The seller was so nice...I had asked her several different questions...There isn't any scratches or nothing and she could KILL herself that she allowed herself to leave a mark with ink on the inside of her bag...But with as quickly the seller's responces to my questions. I feel so confident that this will continue to be a good experiance until the end when it arrives.

    Will do~ I have a ban on pens in my bags...For fear of this...I posted a topic and had wonderful ones respond back as to their experiances of removal of ink. There was a few different helpful tips...But since I've used the eraser on getting permanent marker out of fabric...I'll stick with that and see what happens. (I also was able to remove permanent marker off my dining room table that was put on the day before by my son) You just have to be careful and definately wet the area to remove the chemicals that were left from the eraser. Fingers crossed that the ink comes out...But even if it doesn't...It's on the inside of the bag. So no real biggie~

    Thanks again everyone! I am just totally so excited to have won this auction...And having delt with such a wonderful seller with email correspondance from the beginning.
  10. It's gorgeous, lucky lucky you!

  11. :graucho: Thanks! I keep telling myself that too...I mean...I got it for actually like a third of what it retailed for! I feel the need to PINCH myself~
  12. Yes...I have seen it IRL and have drooled over my SIL's bag on more than one occasion. This bag is gorgeous IRL! It is not a stark white at all. It is a winter white so it really looks beautiful with a lot of clothing. I can't do stark white either. My SIL's bag made me fall in love with that color which is why I bought an Ali in the white. I think you will fall in love with this bag. It is very roomy and just TDF! My SIL uses it as her work tote so I am sure you will get a lot of use out of it. Enjoy and post some modelling pics when you get her!
  13. OMG that bag is beautiful!!!! You luck woman!! :okay:

  14. Thank you biggestbaglover...for confirming that it is indeed not a stark white. (that was my only fear) I can't stop going back and :drool: over the photos of it...And to think it's coming home to me!!! I do believe...This will be my FAVORITE Coach...I feel guilty for my new Leather Bleecker Small Flap in British Tan that I bought with my Christmas money...Will be recieving closet time when this baby arrives...:sad:...But...I LOVE THAT TOTE!!!:love:
  15. what a gorgeous bag ! Great deal too !