WOO HOO Just put my order in for my groom cles!!!

  1. yeahhhhh. finally. i wanted it so bad you guys know that! woo hoo! I wont bother posting pics when i get it cause you all have seen it a million times! lol. once you see one groom cles youve seen them all. :yahoo:

    and free shipping. thats even better.:nuts:
  2. Congrats in advance!! YAY!!!
  3. Congrats...you better show us the pics because we will never really get sick of seeing LV goodies..
  4. Congrats!!
    Lol..I agree with Nita! Do show us pics! They never get old ;)
  5. ohhh alright. you twisted my arm. when i get it will post pics.[​IMG]
  6. Advice...

    these ladies mean business...:rolleyes:

    and nobody on TPF ever gets tired of LV pics...;)
  7. Congrats!