Woo hoo!! I made the right decision!!! Ergo photos inside!

  1. So after being up all last night trying to figure out if I should keep the slim flap ergo or exchange it, add $$ and get the ergo tote, I bit the bullet and got the tote!! I really didnt want to pay the extra $$ since these bags are already at the outlet for less, but I REALL REALLY wanted the bag, so the REALLY REALLYs won out! Here is my medium black ergo tote. I also got the black/white dot ponytail scarf and tied it on really quickly for the shot. It is sooo nice (it was the last one left in the store too!) and it has that gorgeous Legacy lining. I am soooo happy that I did this! Im learning not to settle - even if it costs a little more $$ now, its better than having a $200 bag that I use once and put to the side, right?
    black ergo tote.jpg ergo tote lining.jpg
  2. You made a great choice!!! I love this bag!
  3. I Love It!!!!! :smile:
  4. Beautiful bag. The scarf looks so cute. :smile:
  5. LOVE it...can you post some modelling pics?? I am thinking about an ergo tote for the spring/summer? thanks!!!!
  6. beautiful ...!! :tup::tup:
    Congrats !! I love it ...!!!
  7. beautiful!! congrats
  8. what a cute bag great choice.. enjoy!:tup::heart:
  9. So pretty, and the scarf matches perfectly! Congrats!
  10. I love it congrats!!!!
  11. Great bag! I love it with the scarf too! I agree that it's better to spend a little more for a bag you'll love rather than have a 'bargain' that just sits unused!
  12. Ooo very nice, congrat's.... Can we see modeling pic's ?
  13. i just got that today too! good choice!
  14. That is beautiful.. that scarf makes such a huge difference!!!! :tup: Congrats, I am so happy you love it!!! :yahoo:
  15. cute scarf! i almost got the pink one today...i might be getting that on sunday ;]] and the purse is TDF!!