woo hoo - i just ordered little something for myself!

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  1. 8% on ******, last day of free shipping, couldn't resist!!

    i just ordred a mono cles on elux. yay!! :yahoo:

    does a cles comes with a dustbag and a box from elux? i know i probably won't even need it but i want a dustbag! :P
  2. I got the sweet monogram pendant & hair clips!
  3. Are we confessing? :sneaky: I ordered the mono cles, mono ludlow, and mono wapity. They're on the way and will arrive tomorrow. I can't believe I did that, LOL.
  4. Hehe I wanted to buy tons more, but I'm trying to control myself. Plus Couturegrl & I are going to the LV xmas party here in town tonite and I want to buy something there.
  5. Oh, have tons of fun and let us know about it!:yahoo:
  6. Whee!!! Have fun!
  7. LOL I am soooo excited!!!! If there is nothing from LV boutique that I want 2nite, I will rush home and order from Elux to get free shipping and no tax!! LOL
  8. Congrats on your cles and it will come with a dustbag and a box! Elux is awesome!
  9. congrats!
  10. yay, cool! can't wait! thanks! :smile:
  11. Congrats M! What a great deal - 8% off and free shipping! Whenever these times roll around - I SO wish I lived in the States. I'm dying for either a Monogram Sweet pendant or brooch!

    I find the cles SO useful - hope you do too!
  12. thanks yeah i've been meaning to pick up a cles for awhile but never got around to. i suppose i'll make this a little christmas present for myself! hohoho. yeah elux is great but i still have to pay taxes cuz i live in CA. you may be jealous of me but i'm really jealous of those who get free taxes! :P
  13. ^^
    haha.. I'm jealous of those people too cuz in my province we pay 14% tax! I guess I shouldn't complain cuz before July of this year we were paying 15% tax!
  14. Ouch!
  15. congrats!