Woo hoo! I just got a great price! SOO EXCITIED!

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  1. I am totally thrilled because I just got my winter boots! I've been scouring *Bay lately trying to find a pair of the Marian snow boots. Every listing I looked at was either the wrong size or they wanted almost $200 bucks for them. So I called up JAX and asked if they had any in stock. The SA told me yes, very low inventory! So I was jazzed when they have my size and the color combo I wanted! I could care less at this point how much they cost, because they were exactly what I was looking for and I knew they would be coming straight from Coach. So, I'm getting ready to pay and the SA tells me the total and I almost dropped the phone! With tax, shipping and signature confirmation it was a little over $130 bucks!!! This totally made my evening and I can't wait until the get here. This is my first pair of Coach shoes and also my first time calling up JAX looking for a "dsicontinued" item. If there was no TPF then I would never have known you could do this and i would have been boot-less this winter! :tpfrox:

    Oh FYI I got the black on black Marian's, with the grey accents.
  2. yay! I just bought the pink ones my SO calls them the "moon boots" lol
    for that price might just have to get another color :graucho:
  3. Ha! Seeing your boots was what prompted my search... I've never lived where it's snowed before... I wanted either the pink or the black... well I wanted both... but I was leaning more towards the black, because I wear more black than pink. I loved yours so much it's been making me crazy for the last couple of weeks!! My DH thinks they are ugly, he called them Herman Munster boots, all that matters is that we like them and they keep our feet warm!

    Oh, and that they are Coach, of course :P
  4. I've always lived in snow until last year. No snow. Ah well. LOL I'll live vicariously through our boots! Post pics when you get them! And congrats on such an awesome bargain!
  5. oooooh lucky girl, it was meant to be! lol
    post pictures when your boots arrive! ;)
  6. Hey - I live in N. CA and it never snows where I live (you have to actually drive to find the snow here) and you see tons of snowboots everywhere - uggs are practically the "national footwear";) So, don't let a little lack of snow stop you from getting cool boots!
  7. owwww, nice :smile:
    that's such a great story. i guess you really really wanted it and your dream really came true. i know that you're definately going to appreciate your winter this year :smile:
    tPF is amazing, it could either help you save money, or make you go broke, or make you save money and end up buying more than you need! LOL.
  8. That is a greatprice - be sure to post pics when they arrive :smile: x
  9. I'd love to see pix and some modelling pix as well!

    Take care,
  10. Lol Herman Munster boots! Men can be so cruel to our fashions!! Hope you get them soon!
  11. You'll have to post pics!!
  12. Thanks everybody! Without everyone's helpful information on here I wouldn't been able to get them at such a great price. As soon as they arrive I will snap some pics, now winter just needs to hurry up so I can start wearing them... :P
  13. Congrats on your new boots!! I would love to see what they look like!!