Woo Hoo I got a Trenino!

  1. I've been wanting a Trenino for months now and kept going back and forth trying to decide what print to get and if I really was going to do it. Last weekend, I finally made the decision that I :heart: Paradiso enough that I am willing to make it THE print for my Trenino. Given the cost of the bag (even with 25% off) I needed to feel comfortable about my investment.

    So last Sunday, I called the Seattle outlet and April found me just the print I wanted and after a week of wait for UPS to deliver it, my Trenino was sitting on the porch for me when I came home this afternoon. I even have a great perfect sized LeSportsac Zippie to store it in when not in use.:yahoo:
    Here are the pics. Let me say that it is even better IRL than I had imagined. My dh and I are going on a cruise next week and this bag is definitely going to accompany me (along with my Paradiso Mamma Mia and denaro.) As I explained to dh, I'll coordinate!:rolleyes:





  2. Congratulations!!
  3. very nice!
  4. Such a cute bag! Be sure to stain guard it before you travel with it :smile:
  5. oh wow another person with a trenino!! AWESOME!! its the ultimate travel bag really ^^ so miss dana has inferno..n u have paradiso! n i have foresta! so u were able to pick out your placement right? sushi guy on the bottom! yay!
  6. Congrats very nice :smile:
  7. Congrats!!
  8. Yes, I wanted the pink haired girl centered (or as centered as possible in the front) and a lot of variety in the print between front and back to capture as much of the entire print as possible. I am pleased and it was worth the wait.:yes:
  9. Congratulations ! I love the pink haired girl in the front of the back and of course ..the cute sushi boy !
    hmm... trenino... I wonder if I should get one for my mom.. She travels alot ! Singapore- Australia - USA !
  10. I travel a lot too and I figured that it would come in handy. It's really roomy!;) I could actually bring that bag alone for a long weekend trip. I was trying to decide whether to get it for 25% off or hold out for when/if they go to 50% off. Since I wanted to be a little picky with print placement, I decided just get one now when they have presumably more in stock than they would when they hit 50% off. Also, I wanted to use it for our big trip next week.:rolleyes:

    And I promised myself I would not be purchasing any other print Treninos. :ban: Really.:biggrin:
  11. Yay! congrats on the trenino! I'm sure it'll make a great travel bag. Have a great time on your cruise!! :biggrin:
  12. Cool! *sigh* I wish I traveled alot..then I could justify buying one of those lmfao. How much did it cost, if you don't mind me asking..?
  13. Fab! I'd like a trenino, but we don't really travel that much at the moment, so I can't even justify it that way. :biggrin:
  14. Hmmmm. I really want a Trenino... have for awhile. Do any of the outlets have it in inferno?
  15. How much are the Treninos at the outlet? I just bought a Foresta Trenino on eBay a few days ago. I hope I get it in time my Hawaiian vaction... and I hope it's authentic!