woo-hoo, I got a good deal

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  1. I was randomly in off-Saks, and found a new Sophia bag for $500 in the color Bark (reddish brown). It was the only one.

    I almost dropped my kid (no, j.k., he was strapped nicely in his baby bjorn). I did drop my jaw though and the prada messenger bag, b/c for the longest, the store has been carrying really old MJ styles that were too heavy to carry.

    There are still some Sophias left, but the older styles, with the older buckle on the pocket, not the push buckle, in off white.

    i have a stella bag already, but not a sophia. i haven't checked the past threads b/c i was too excited to tell you all, but do you love the style?
  2. Congrats on your new Sophia! I actually got the same bag from Off 5th a couple of months ago and I really love it. I think the color is so pretty and unique. And don't you LOVE the beautiful suede lining?

    Sophia/Stella/Blake are my 3 favorites. :yes:
  3. Congratulations!! I love when we ladies find good deals!! Enjoy your new bag!:yes:
  4. yay, congrats! :biggrin: