Woo HOO I finally pulled the trigger!

  1. I have been wanting a HH lorca for ever and ever- even more so once I found out it converts into a handheld bag. Well, today I did it- I ordered one from Plaza Too! I had been waiting and waiting for the Lorca to come at a great bargain at one of the HH sample sales (especially after seeing what great deals they used to go for). Well, I have come to the conclusion that the days of super cheap HHs are gone, :crybaby:. Additionally, having talked to Nitza at HH, apparently the Lorca is their best selling bag and, as such, will never go on super bargain. The best I've seen as of late was $160 for the ruby, on their site right now.
    Well, I figured the first time I see a great deal, I should jump on it. I was agonizing over what color to get, but I decided that I keep coming back to the black. I really do like the colors, but the black fits best with my lifestyle. Also- I was fretting over whether or not I liked the contrast stitching (as I usually don't). But, in thinking about it, my Black Louvre satch has some of the contrast stitching and I really like the effect. I feel like the constrast stitching really shows off the details of the bag. So, black it is!
    Well, thanks to the members here, I found a great deal at Plaza Too. $199 and then 20% off- making it $160. Being indecisive, as I am, I missed the coupon. But thanks to Bagachondriac's suggestion, I emailed Plaza and a really great SA agreed to extend the coupon for me.:yahoo:
    I can't wait for it to arrive- I know I'll love it.
    Oh- and I have never dealt with Plaza, but I'm sure they'll be great- I'll post a review once the transaction is complete. But wanted to let you all know that I tried to ask for a special Purse Forum coupon. I'll let ya know what I find out!
  2. Shameless Bump! I guess I was hoping I'd get some Hayden Harnett love :smile:
  3. congratulations on scoring your dream bag!!!!
  4. Woodstock -
    Congrats....sending you some HH LUV!
    Yes indeed, post pics, pleeze...including a hand-held look....I think that there are way too many folks that don't know this detail!
    and isn't "bag" so helpful???!!!
    She has gotten me into so much trouble, fun trouble, of course!
  5. Haha! Gotta love the shameless bump!

    Congrats on your HH! Its so cool that they extended the coupon for you. Be sure to post some pictures as soon as you get your Lorca.
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. I have two Lorcas and I love them. One is the black, which can be difficult to find. You chose wisely! Post pics, when your bag arrives:smile:
  8. Woodstock, I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to see it on you! I remember you weren't sure about the color and a few of us (including myself, hehe) were extolling the beauty of plum, red etc but I'm glad you went with what you really love, because then you'll use it effortlessly. Congrats!!
  9. Thanks everyone, for putting up with me :smile:. I will definately post pics, extolling the virtues of Lorca. Risingsun- I actually went along with your advice on how nice the black is. And, Bali, it's true, I listened to everyone's advice and figured that I should start with black and could add in a bright color later down the line.
    It's just fun to brag about one's new purchases here- b/c in "real life" my friends and family don't always get the obsession, KWIM? I get a lot of "do you really need another one?!"
  10. I think we ALL know what you mean, which is why we're banding together HERE!! :tup: DH knows better than to say anything like that (thankfully), but I do get it a lot from coworkers, friends, etc. So I rarely show off new purchases to those people, but I love that people here are genuinely happy for one another (even if we're just talking bags) :yahoo:
  11. Congrats- love hayden harnett and am looking to buy my first, but like you I am waiting for that special sale!
  12. Woodstock, Great choice! The Lorca is one of my favorite smaller bags (even though it holds plenty for me.) I have two, one in Lead and one in Yam. The Lorca Black will be beautiful and the leather is georgeous, so you must post pictures in action.

    I've not hear of Plaza Too before. Can you tell us a little more about it?
  13. Dmarie- I hadn't heard of Plaza before either, but Bagachondria posted one of their sales on deals and steals. I noticed that Plaza had the lorca on-sale, for much less than elsewhere. Looks like Plaza Too (plazatoo.com) has several physical locations (though none where I live). I will post a review of their service once I have completed my transaction with them.
  14. sorry I didn't shower you with love yesterday, but I hope I can make up for it now! I'm wearing my black Suki today and I agree about how neat the contrast stitching looks on black, plus I think it makes it more versatile year-round.

    I still don't own a Lorca, but I'm thinking that turquoise-y one in the spring preview is awfully tempting.
  15. Enjoy your Lorca, and PLEASE post pics. I absolutely adore my black Ana (compliments of Bluefly). It is definitely my go to bag for the winter.