Woo hoo!!! I am so excited!!!

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  1. Well, if all goes well tomorrow (keeping fingers crossed!), my husband will be trading in his fully loaded Explorer for a 10 year old pre-owned car - but its a Porsche Boxter! A Porsche has been his DREAM car since I met him at 18 years of age. He can pretty much just do an even trade since he put alot of $$ down on his Explorer. Anyway, on to me! I kiddingly asked for my first ride to be to the Coach store for a prize for me, and he's in such a good mood that he said "sure!" But the only bag I really like right now isnt at many of the stores in my area, so I just ordered this. I hope it can fit over my shoulder, though - that would be the only deal breaker - otherwise I think this is one gorgeous, classic bag. I've never said this before, but between the belted flap bag and this one all in one day, Im am banning myself for quite a while! Accessories only.
    new bag.jpg
  2. That is AWESOME Donna!! I really hope he gets it!! That bag is BEAUTIFUL as well. You are really tiny so I think it will probably fit your shoulder. :tup:
  3. Cool! Great goodies for both of you! :yes:
  4. That is such a gorgeous bag, Donna!

    And congrats to your hubby on his dream car!
  5. That is awesome for both of you and definitely reason to celebrate! Congrats to both of you! :tup:
  6. Congrats to both of you! I do love that bag!
  7. Thanks! He really deserves it - he works 6 days a week all kinds of hours plus commutes from NJ to NYC every day. The Porsche would definitely be his "toy" (or midlife crisis car, as I plan to call it!) and its a stick so I cant even drive it! Thats ok - I dont plan to share my new bag with him either!!!
  8. I saw this at the Legacy Boutique, although I am not interested in an light bags, it was GORGEOUS!


    PS- is the DH going to let you drive his new toy?
    *** Nevermind I read above you can't drive stick. He isn't going to teach you on the Porche??? (LOL)
  9. Dang the commute alone makes him deserve it. I used to live in NJ briefly years ago and when we went to northern NJ/ NY city area, the traffic blew! Learn to drive a stick! It is fun (except in said traffic). I learned years and years ago and prefer it over auto.
  10. I was just there and I personally wouldn't EVER drive into the city. I LOVE the PATH train.

  11. I said to him "oh now you can teach me to drive a stick." and he said "sure, we'll rent a car w/a stick for a day and I'll teach you!" So no, Im not getting near the Porsche!
  12. Yay!!! I am so happy for you and your hubby! A new car is always so exciting and your bag is going to be amazing! I can't wait to see your pictures when you get it!
  13. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  14. That is a great reason to celebrate! I hope he gets it. That bag is awesome, it is so cute and very classic. Definetly won't go out of style(those are my fav bags)
  15. Thats awesome!!! Thats so sweet that you are so excited for your hubby! :flowers: