Woo-hoo! Finally found some modeling pics for the new Hayden-Harnett bags!

  1. I had just been thinking that it seems like fewer online stores have the new Hayden-Harnett bags (or any of them, for that matter ) than they used to. Has anyone else noticed that? Anyway, I found these at MrCharlesShop.com.

    She looks thrilled, huh? Makes the shape look weirder in this pic. ???
    Can't wait to see RhondaFaye's modeling pics!

    Here's the Sao Paulo Crossbody.

    Mosaique Hobo - big!

    Mireille Clutch in graphic plaid.

    Still no other pics of a bag in anthracite. I think I may have to ban myself until April anyway!!!!
  2. Wow---either she's 3 feet tall or those bags are larger than I thought! What's up with the puss-face?!!!
  3. the bags are HUGE!

    She should watch more America's Next Top Model---those girls give better face than her :sad: She looks so upset
  4. Its just that first pic...it looks like she is thinking "sh*t why do I have to hold this damn bag!?"! LOL
  5. She has a weird mouth. Must be related to the HH owners!
  6. :lol:
  7. I love the SP, but not the crossbody. It looks weird.
  8. I love the mosaic, but it's way too big.

    I have the Sao Paulo (the green bag) and these photo angles are misleading. It is not a hug bag. Just 'normal.'
  9. Probably because the photog told her, "Now show us the BACK of the bag" and she's thinking "WTF for?!"
  10. Thanks for the modeling pis! I always wish the HH webite had more...:hrmm: