WOO HOO!!! Check out my new purchases

  1. :yahoo::yahoo:Just got off the phone with Kim from BalNY and finally decided to purchase a Giant Sandstone Day and FB twiggy!!! Kim is the sweetest. She's so patient and helpful. Here are the pics she emailed me. I should receive them by Friday.:nuts: This current collection is making me broke with all these fabulous colors. I can't buy anything else until violet comes out.;)
    frbluetwiggy.jpg giantsandday.jpg
  2. :love: the FB twiggy!!
  3. WOW!:nuts: CONGRATS on 2 AMAZING colors and styles! I can't wait to see modeling pics!:graucho:
  4. they are both lovely!! congrats!!
  5. Isn't Kim the sweetest? I love her. :tender: Congrats on both purchases. :yahoo:
  6. shopdrop love them both ! :nuts: does 99 in your nick mean that you want to have 99 bal bags ? :graucho: well ur on the way there ! :yahoo:
  7. Both are KILLER! I wish they were mine...
  8. Beautiful bags! Congrats!
  9. French blue twiggy........... *SWOON*
    Gorgeous, congrats!!!!
  10. gorgeous!! love the fb twiggy :smile:
  11. :roflmfao:I wish I had 99 Bbags!! If only I was a millionaire...I guess a girl can dream.

    Thanks for all your kind words everybody. Now..how am I going to pass the time until Friday? :shrugs: Tomorrow's going to be a loooong day.
  12. Both are gorgeous! Great picks!!!
  13. Wow, two beautiful BBags at once. Lucky you! This Friday for you will really be TGIF!
  14. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I especially love your Twiggy-
    Hope you dont burst with excitement before they arrive :yahoo:
  15. They're both SO beautiful. Congrats!