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  1. For those of us that still trust Bluefly, it's a killer day to shop for bags and wallets. All handbags & wallets are marked down 15% from their regular price and there are a TON of extra 10% off codes (and one 15% off code) on my other Bluefly Codes thread below.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Anyone wanting the exact cognac Gucci Amalfi as mine: THEY HAVE ONE!!!!
  2. AAAH. I was waiting for this, and they sold out of the new chloe paddington wallet b/t yesterday and today! Darn it!
  3. They took out a lot of the good stuff from the website.....They've done that before.....you notice tomorrow a lot of the better stuff will suddently become available.
  4. Ah, got it. Thanks!
  5. You also have to remember that when people stick things in their shopping carts, that immediately makes them unavailable on the website for other shoppers unless they remove it from their cart later on. I've been guilty of sticking things in my cart when they are the last item and leaving it there for days on end. It still shows up on the website, but as not available. It's also a good way to "save" an item for a friend if you know someone is looking for something. If you see it first, you can stick it in your cart, contact your friend and then release the item when she's on the site. It's evil, I know! :devil:
  6. I really wanted a pair of Prada lizard heels during the 10% off the other day, but there were missing that day and then magically re-appeared the next morning - I hate that they do that
  7. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, it says "selected styles only". Grrrr..

    If you do a full search on the handbags, not from the sale page, many higher end bags are excluded.

    Congrats to those who snagged a bargain though!:yes: