WOO-HOO!!! Better than Hermes!!!!?

  1. I've been kinda feeling *BLUE* recently, to say the least:crybaby:, since my DH was commited to a short term job in the South and we had to move out of our TDF NYC condo!! The South is BEAUTIFUL and NICE but, honestly, it was harder than we thought to be uprooted from ALL family and friends:crybaby:. And because of this odd situation with DH's work here, he gets so WORKED that we don't get to spend much time together either:crybaby:! Well, DH is half way through his short term commitment, so we've recently been interviewing in the NY area. DH just accepted an offer today and hopefully when the contract is signed, we'll be back to home sweet home, and back to having him around more:yahoo:!!! I can't tell you what this means to me!!! I guess all my subtle hints of wanting a Hermes bag has not been in vain... because DH has even offered to buy me Hermes Birkin/Kelly after we get settled in NY area later (poor thing, he doesn't even know what he is getting himself into:roflmfao:)... but the prospect of us moving back feels like this weight has been lifted off my shoulders...and dare I say, this news is better than getting a Hermes at this point!!!! :wtf:OK, I don't really mean that SERIOUSLY. haha. But really, I'm soooo beyond excited, and just wanted to scream this out:yahoo:!!! I found the Purse Forum while I've been here, and you guys don't realize what a god-send this has been!!!... so I feel the need to share!!!
  2. that's such good news! I also love NYC and I can imagine what a big change that was to move to the south.
  3. I am happy to hear you will be moving back to you home where you love it so much. I know how hard it is to live where you just don't like it and feel at home.
    I wish you the best on your move, hubby's new job and your shopping for a new purse.......
  4. Great, How nice to feel you'll be going home again!

    That gives you how many months to decide on which bag you will be getting...?:graucho:
  5. :wlae:Still feeling great, Thanks!!! As far as the Hermes, well, I've already had the color & leather decided since I twelve! haha!
  6. going home is the best news =)))
    happy for you and i hope you get e colour you wan =)))
    i wan an hermes too!!!! :drool:
  7. i am so happy for you! when i was reading your post, i felt as if i was in your shoes lol. I am so glad that you finally get to move back to nyc, its the greatest here. I've lived here all my life and recently, my bf kept on insisting that we should move to CA in the future. I just can't see myself leaving my family and just starting a new life over there even though i love him... but anyways, i'm sooooooo excited for you! Ps, don't forget to post pics when you get that delicious hermes!:woohoo:
  8. DH brought up Hermes again, like at 3am! I think he just *might* be serious! So far, it's only a mirage... at least a couple of yrs down the line!!
  9. Thats awesome news!... Great to hear that things are turning around.. cOngrats~!...
  10. Send him to the Wall Street Hermes, they have Birkins almost everyday when the store opens. I'm helping my friend this week in NY find a roommate and an apartment. Glad to here things are going your way.
  11. Oh and I love your avatar! :love:
  12. :woot: !!!! Oh, at least hubby wants to treat you for being there!!!
  13. Thank you, and as per your recommendation, ColdPlayLover, I'll definitely visit the Hermes store on Wall St the next time I'm back in the scene! I also shop in NJ, and excited to check out the Hermes store opening in Bergen County!!