Woo-Hoo!! A GREAT sale!!

  1. I'll try to keep this short and just stick to the details! :p

    OK, so I've been lusting after the black biker Ring bag and finally decided I'd rather pay full price rather than risk missing it if it sold out before it went on sale. I placed my order yesterday with NM, but then found out that beginning today SFA is doing their gift card thing so I cancelled it and was going to reorder it today from SFA.

    Anyway! I decided to do one last search on the bag to see if I could find it anywhere on sale, and I DID!!!! Overstock.com had 3 of them in stock for $1199.99, AND I got an additional $60 off with a promotional code! NO tax and only $1 shipping!!!! My total came to $1142! I saved a total of $458, or just under 30%!!

    There were 2 left a few minutes ago, so if anyone is looking for this bag, it's a great deal on a new one! :yahoo:
  2. Oh, one thing though. In the Overstock description they say the hardware is silver. But Saks says the same thing, while BG and Neiman's both say it's gold. The bag Saks shows in their photo has gold hardware, as does the Overstock bag (you can tell by the zippers).

    Does anyone know if the black biker bag came with silver hardware?? If it was made both ways, I think I would prefer the gold and that's the only way I've ever seen it.

    I'll of course post photos of the bag as soon as I receive it and I'll let you know about the hardware issue, but I'm surprised Saks also lists the hardware as silver but shows a bag with gold hardware. Interesting.... :hrmm:
  3. I've only ever seen gold. Odd how overstock has it listed as silver but pic shows gold. I've noticed overstock has a lot of typo's.
  4. Great deal - congratulations - it was meant to be!
    That awesome - Love that bag:love:
    Look forward to seeing your pics!
  6. Yippee:yahoo:

    Congrats Stinkerbelle I am so glad everything worked out for you and now you know it was meant to be:wlae:

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your newest little addition:choochoo::choochoo:
  7. are the bags they sell on OVerstock authetic? I have heard there have been some authenticity problems with OVerstock and also Bluefly. I would rather pay a little more and have peace of mind!!!
  8. ^While I've heard that as well, I haven't heard of anyone actually getting a fake bag. BUT, I can spot a fake a mile away and if I have any doubt about it's authenticity then I'll also post it on the forum to be sure it's the real deal. If not, back it goes! Overstock has a liberal return policy, so it's not like there's any risk involved, only the possibility of a huge discount!

    Someone not too long ago bought a JC bag on Overstock and it was authentic....I think it's even still being carried by Overstock.

    My only concern is that the bag may be a return. If it shows any sign of wear or having been used, forget it, I don't want it and again.....back it will go and I'll just wait for the bag to go on sale in the boutiques or through NM, Saks, etc.

    But for anyone who is interested, there were 3 this morning and there's only one left as of a few hours ago.
  9. I got a fake Gucci from Bluefly. :cursing: What happens is that someone orders a bag, gets the real one and returns a fake. Then, the next person who gets it, gets a fake. To combat this, Bluefly now affixes a security tag to the handle and will not accept returns if it is removed. In my case, the handle of the Gucci Indy was removed on one side. The pin that holds the hardware together was in the zippered pocket. The security tag was around the half removed handle. The bag was fake. The handle problem was OBVIOUS as soon as I opened the box. They must not check the bags before shipping. No more Bluefly bags for me!
  10. Overstock seems to have implemented the same policy, because it now clearly states on the ordering page for this, and I'm sure other designer bags as well, that if the red security tag has been removed, the bag can't be returned.

    Still though....where there's a will there's a way! So that is something I will absolutely take into account and I'll go over the bag with fine toothed comb! :ninja:

    I've never ordered from Bluefly so I don't know how often the fakes get through, but you know....I remember a discussion not long ago where even dept. stores were unknowingly carrying fakes that had been brought back as returns. They were chatting about it in the Balenciaga forum. So unless you're buying from the JC web site or directly from a boutique, there will always be the slim possibility that you'll get a fake bag. You just have to be knowledgeable enough about the brand to be able to tell once it arrives. Or have a great place like this forum to go to for questions of authenticity! :tup:
  11. I actually ordered my Red Maddy and a Navy Ramona (for Blondecat) from Bluefly and both were 100% authentic and although both popped up and were snatched up immediately (by my "claws") I am sure because of the timing, both bags were returns:noworry:

    I checked both bags with a magnifying glass and found no dirt, scratches or signs of use:search: (I checked, double checked and triple checked) so I think you will be safe Stinkerbelle but as you said, as long as you keep the security tag in place, you will be fine:tup: (your bank account might be another story;)
  12. Congratulations Stinkerbelle, that is one bag I'd love to get my hands on!
    If only a bag ban wasn't hanging over my head!
    Can't wait to see your pics.
    Also, I've ordered from Bluefly & Overstock and have received 100% Authentic bags and NO problems!
  13. Thanks Robyn and pursesuader! I have every confidence that the bag will be authentic, but I'll post a ton of photos when she arrives since I know Robyn has the same bag just in a different color. So she'll be able to tell without a doubt! :tup: :choochoo:

    And I was thinking....like there's ever a time I'm not....a return is no different than buying a bag in a boutique that who knows how many women have tried on and then handed back to the SA. It's not like they're eating PB&J sandwiches while trying it on! For some reason I just pictured that happening in a Hermes boutique and it made me laugh! :roflmfao:

    I have heard some horror stories of bags that were clearly used being sent out, but I honestly believe they are few and far between given the number of designer bags that are shipped on any given day.
  14. I'm sure you are right, Stinkerbelle. I bought a pair of Prada embroidered loafers from the O and they were authentic. OMG...they are so gorgeous. Your bag should be there any day now. The O seems to ship quickly. I can't wait until you get it.
  15. I bought Roberto Cavalli shoes and Antik Denim jeans from Overstock and they were authentic. They do ship quickly as well. Show us when you get it!