woo great New Year news!!

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What should I buy myself for my 21st?

  1. Damier Speedy 30

  2. Monogram Speedy 30?

  3. other - please comment with ideas!

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  1. ok this may sound a little sad and pathetic but i sold my speedy 35 really because she was HUGE, well i've not really thought about her. I had to sell her to fund my Photography degree!

    Its my 21st Birthday coming up (1st Jan) and i didnt really have any plans for partying through the night, and i was kinnda down because my parents were working. They do occasional work waiting tables for big exclusive events, its £25 an hour so they cant really turn it down.

    So i had no plans, then today the event organiser phones me to see if i'm free to work aswell!!!! SO I JUMPED AT THE CHANCE:yahoo:!!!!! Im gonna buy myself some more LV with the money, but i dont know what to get!!!

    HERE COMES THE POLL, YOU KNOW THE DEAL LADIES!!! :heart::yahoo::p:wlae::roflmfao:

    speedy 25 - She's a little too small for my likeing
    speedy 30 - is the perfect size, but do i get Damier or Classic Monogram??

    I have a few vintage pieces, which i think is a good thing because i just CANT look after vachetta, im awful i will ruin it in about a day!

    Also i will be going to one of the london stores to make my purchase, and i havn't bought from any of those before, so i need advice as to where is the largest?? and most likely to have stock. I read on here a few days ago that stores are running out of the Damier 30's! EEEK!

    any comments will be greatly welcomed and any additional advice is accepted with a HUGE hug!
  2. Damier Speedy 30! It is my FAVORITE bag, and since you don't want to worry about vachetta, it would be perfect!
  3. Damier Speedy 30-such a classy bag. Happy Early bday!
  4. £25 per hour!!! i'm free too lol

    I think bond street is the best but they are going to have some work done & i'm not sure when it's due to start they are all pretty good
  5. damier speedy 30!
  6. Happy Bday! I said Damier, too - no vachetta.
  7. damier speedy 30!!
  8. I have to go with Mono 30! Oh and I'm free for work also! lol
  9. I prefer damier speedy 30:smile:
  10. Go for the Damier 30.
  11. I'm really feeling the need for Damier right now!
  12. How with Suhali White or Blue Le Talentueux? That's my 2nd piece of Suhali when I was 21 ;)
  13. How about a Mini Lin speedy? No Vachetta on it.
  14. Damier! I recently got the 25 and love it.
  15. i'd go for the damier 30, just because i get more mileage out of it than my mono 30 :smile: good luck!