Woo! A Good Hair Day It Is! This Iron Rocks!

  1. Ahhh. I decided to take a stroll today and the sign outside Sephora caught my eye. It said something about a "good hair day" and lord knows I could use more of those so I said why not. Got in there and signed up. This stylist sat me down and started to prep my hair with these new styling products from GHD (which of course, stands for Good Hair Day :p) before she took a flat iron to my hair.

    Now I'm a hard sell when it comes to flat irons. Either they're junk or they're ja-hunk. I was starting to believe the spendy T3 I bought last year was junk too because after she worked on my pin straight hair for 20 minutes, I looked in the mirror and saw an amazing transformation. I had beautiful curls! From a flat iron! :wtf:

    Here's me with my usual plain blah straight/semi wavy hair
    and then she used this magic wand
    and voila
    Good Hair Day indeed.

    Ya ok, I was sold. Probably because she also told me about how the iron featured the latest and greatest technology, wouldn't fry my hair, yada yada. Heh, things I just need to hear before plunking down the cash of course. But anyway, I thought I'd give it a shot. I hope I can mimic this look on my own. Don't you hate how great your hair looks after getting it done, only to mess it up when you try to do it yourself the next day? :p

    I'm excited though. This iron shows great potential and I liked the DVD tutorial it comes with. It's pricey but you really get what you pay for in this case. I hope I love it! Their website is also wonderful www.ghdhair.com. And no, heh, I don't work for them. I'm just really impressed and thought I'd share :yes:.
  2. Looks fantastic. How much was the iron?
  3. USD $240. I'm sure you can find it cheaper but I bought from Sephora. Sigh. I know. I just have to keep telling myself I deserve it :smile: Good thing is, if anything goes wrong w/it, I think Sephora has a good replacement policy...I think...
  4. Wow that looks great! I can't believe she did that with a flat iron. I have a T3 flat iron that's supposed to curl as well, but I've never gotten it to work. Let us know how the new iron is when you try it yourself!
  5. exactly. i have the same one, T3 medium duality right? i've never learned how to curl it. wish me luck with this one! :smile:
  6. Beautiful! I think I need one too, I'm using the T3 now too. Is it a wet/dry?

  7. It's tough to learn how to curl it with a flat iron but once you try a few times, you'll have it down! It gets easier...
  8. good to know. the video makes it look so easy :p
  9. Ooooh I want to know how it works on thick, wavy hair too! Your hair looks amazingly gorgeous!!

    It's pricey but honestly you wear your hair every day so it's always a good investment spending a little more cashola on our hair...cut/color/products, etc.

    thanks for the tip!
  10. i feel like i have mermaid hair right now :biggrin:
    so true, it's worth it to spend the extra $ on our hair. i am very curious to see how well this straightens too...based on its reviews though, it sounds like a winner.
  11. thanks for the Sephora link! out of curiosity which of the GHD products did they use when they styled your hair? I'm such a product junkie...always needing more OK not really lol.
  12. but of course! :biggrin: i also took home the Fixation Spray (non sticky hairspray that "memorizes" your straight/curly style) and the Thermal Protector (so you don't fry your locks :biggrin:). they smell good too!

    ...i kind of don't want to sleep on my hair now lol
  13. I think I am going to place an order soon, or maybe just have the bf take me to Sephora tomorrow or tonight :roflmfao: