Won't stay logged in, even with "remember me" checked.

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  1. I noticed that after the tpf maintenance today that when I navigate away from tpf & then come back, I have to keep signing back in, even though I've checked the "remember me" box.

    Is it me? Do I have to update my favorites links? I just thought of that, so I'll try that & report back...
  2. okay, that didnt' work. I resaved tpf as a link on my favorites while i was logged in, then closed out tab & window and then reopened IE, and I had to log back in again. What else can I do?
  3. same here on firefox
  4. I'm having the same issue as well. I can log in just fine, but when I come back, I'm logged off. Never had this problem before.
  5. I saw that thread, but it's not quite the same issue, is it? I can log in, it just won't stay logged in.. plus, this is the only forum I'm having this trouble with... i'm a member of a few other forums and when I visit them, i'm still logged in, no matter if i've closed a tab or window or whatever. If it was a cookies or cache issue, wouldn't it affect them all?

  6. Same thing was happening to me Junkenpo, but Vlad's instructions in the other thread worked for me...

    In Firefox, you simply go to Tools - Clear Recent History - set Time Range to "Everything" and select "Cookies" and "Cache".
  7. Same thing is happening to me, and It's happening while I'm checking the forum ; one page I'm logged, and then I go to the next page of the same topic but I'm not logged any more.
  8. i'm using safari and i reset/cleared cache and cookies and was able to log in...stepped away from my computer for about 20 mins, came back, and was logged out. did not close browser. was not able to log in again until i cleared cache and cookies again...

  9. nope that didn't work either and the mobil verson doens't work eother hope it gets fixed soon
  10. I'm having the same problem.
  11. I'm having this problem today
  12. ^^As am I. I am using Firefox and I did just clear the cache.
  13. I made some changes, can you let me know if this problem still persists?

    Also, what Operating System and browser are you using?
  14. I've had this problem also today - using Windows Vista and IE 8.0 - but my comp. is being a butthead anyway, so I'm not sure which thing is causing the problem for me yet.