Won’t heat stamp a luggage tag with patina?

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  1. Hi all, I had a question for you who are more familiar with this. I bought a vintage Keepall from next-innovation on eBay because I’d read here that they’re a reputable Japanese seller. I took the bag into my local LV store today and told an SA that I’d like to get the luggage tag heat stamped, but I was hoping I could have the bag looked over to confirm it’s authenticity. I’d read on these forums that many people have done this before without a problem. She didn’t seem to know anything about this but offered to look it over. She looked the bag over and pointed to the date code saying “Well it’s stamped right here” which I thought was odd, because I think she was implying that it was authentic because it was stamped? To be honest, she was very young and seemed inexperienced. But then she continued to look at the bag said she wasn’t sure if this was “their product” and when I asked what would lead her to think so, she said it’s hard to tell because the leather was so aged. The bag is from 1991, but in my opinion in good condition with even aged patina. She took it to someone else for another opinion, and when she came back, she told me they were unable to heat stamp the tag because for a bag with that much wear and darkened leather, the foil wouldn’t adhere to the luggage tag. She then said that the store cannot authenticate my bag because they aren’t trained to do so. Have you ever heard of a case where the store wouldn’t heat stamp because of aged leather? Now I am worried that they refused because the bag is not authentic.
  2. For peace of mind, you could have the bag authenticated by a professional. Also, I have no experience but it’s very possible they are right that the foil won’t stick to leather with patina since it would be more smooth and shiny.
  3. Thanks for your rely. Yes, that’s true. I’d just never heard of them not heat stamping vintage items. I posted in the authentication thread today and am hoping for a response soon.
  4. Louis Vuitton have never authenticated bags.
    Hot stamping on patina seems to be different rules in each store.
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  5. You can purchase a luggage tag and have it stamped if you so choose. Louis Vuitton does not authenticate items to my knowledge.
  6. LV boutiques can/do stamp older leather with a blind stamp (i.e., without metallic foil or colour on it). The SAs may have refused to hot stamp your tag based on the condition of the leather, among other possibilities. And, yes, SAs will not authenticate items.

    Good wishes with your Keepall's authentication process!
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  7. Thank you! When I get up the nerve to go back to the store with the luggage tag, I will ask if blind stamping is a possibility.
  8. Thank you all for your input. I agree the only way to get peace of mind on the purchase is to get it authenticated. I was just so shaken yesterday by the possibility that I may have unknowingly purchased a fake. This bag is a birthday present for my husband. I appreciate these forums for being able to express my concerns right away!
  9. You can try some online authentication services (do a search or PM me since the name will be blanked out). They cost $10 only to give you peace of mind. I used them to authenticate a bag I bought from a Japanese retailer off eBay. It was authentic.

    You will not be able to get tPF authentication service since it’s not an active listing.
  10. Items can still be authenticated here even if it’s not an active listing. They do need to have a sales or auction link to the item.
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  11. The item you requested on ATLV Thread was Made in November 1989? I don't where you got or which item you thought was made in 1991 - But it wasn't the listing I looked at?

    LV Stores DO Not authenticate items, half of the SA's don't even know past or present collections let alone Vintage items.

    Vintage items are made completely different to the newer pieces & completely different details.
  12. # 1 - Highlighted - The paid service you recommend is blanked out (like this ******* ) on this Forum for a reason?

    # 2 - Highlighted - This is not the H AT Thread. We authenticate closed or ended Listings. As long as there is a Valid Link to Sale/Auction.
  13. Oh, the date code is V.I. 8911, so I thought that it was made in France in 1991. Am I mistaken that the year is the second and fourth numbers? Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this!
  14. I guess that wouldn’t make sense then because the first and third numbers wouldn’t correspond to a month? Sorry for the confusion!
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    LL YYMM - Translated: V.I. 8911 = Made in France & Made in 1989 (year) November (month).

    You stated on the ATLV Thread you would also like me to recommend a paid service which I answered A4U. They at least know Vintage items. If you are on any Social media sites you can also contact them through FB. Good Luck! :smile:

    EDIT: Here's the Link: https://www.authenticate4u.com/Home.html
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