Wondering What's the retail now for a City?

  1. Hi bbag girl...
    I am a newbie to bbag...But I have always want a ink bag. I recently trade my Hermes kelly watch for a ink city. But I have no clue what's the retail for that. Anyone could help me? also what's the fair price for a excellent condition ink city? is City a great size bag? I have only own a first before. And I think that's a great size.
    Thanks for ur input. Truly appreciate your help.:yes:
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  3. An ink city in excellent condition will probably go for full retail which is $1200, even though the ink city is not produced anymore. Your mileage may vary of course.

    I think the city is the perfect size bag, not too small and not overwhelmingly big.
  4. It's retail is USD1195 according to Bal NY list...thanks
  5. Thank you so much, ltbag and Celia_Hish. :yes:
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  8. Hi, here you go:

    First $995.00 (13"x2"x6")
    City $1195.00 (15"x3.5"x10")
    Twiggy $1095.00 (14"x6.5"x7")
    Day $995.00 (16"x5"x13")
    Work $1385.00 (18"x5"x13")
    Weekender $1495.00 (21"x9"x15")
    Box $995.00 (11"x5.5"x7")
    Shopping $1195.00 (15"x6.5"x12")
    Courier $1175.00 (22"x8"x15")
    Extra Courier $1250.00 (24"x9"x17")
    Part-Time $1295.00 (16"x6"x9")
    Afternoon $1245.00 (17"x6"x13")
    Mid-Afternoon $1195.00 (14"x5"x11")
    Bowling $1185.00 (12"x3"x13")
    Mini Bowling $1075.00 (12"x2.5"x11")
    "giant" part-time $1645.00
    the "giant" city $1595.00
    the "giant" day $1245.00
    the "giant" work $1725.00
    the "giant" brief $1595.00 (the brief is a new style for us).
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  12. What is the current retail for a coin purse? I think the number is 130783 and measures approximately 4X6
  13. They retail for $285 plus tax!