Wondering what 'H' bag(s).....

  1. you use for the warm and sunny Spring/Summer months?????

    I think I've got the cooler Fall/Winter pretty well wrapped up but I'm wondering about the rest of the year!!!!! :shame:
  2. I am hoping (if we ever get a spring /summer) in ireland that i will be using my cyclamen birkin and my potiron bolide...and the icing on the cake would be if i could find a tgm evelyne in vert anis....:yes:
  3. I am going to need something new.....
  4. blue jean, toile, white, and orange, in any style look great for warm season, and gold too!
  5. I love toile or canvas and leather H bags of any type. Also crinoline and leather.
  6. YAAY on Gold! (thankfully) 'cause I'm not a BJ girl (and I mean Blue Jean, Japster....:rolleyes: ) and I can't wear white to save my life and orange and I don't get along very well.......:s
  7. Toile GP (black and white), black crinolin/barenia Birkin, and rarely the fuchsia ostrich when the mood strikes me.
  8. :roflmfao: Are you saying I am the pervert of the board??!!!

    I would probably wear my yellow Kelly most. The only bag I'd store is my croc kelly.
  9. Garden Party!!!!!:heart:
  10. Ditto. :smile:
  11. Did I tell you guys that I returned my Imperial red Garden Party? It was just too small. I do plan to get a larger size in a fun color like green later on when I have more spending money and have finished getting all the new tools for work.
  12. I know I'll sully a white bag pretty quickly, so I like BJ togo or gold/cognac. And of course, barenia naturelle. In virtually any bag.

  13. BJ Evelyne for now...year round...unless of course someone can convince DH to buy me that dang birkin for our 10th anniversary :hysteric: ....
  14. I would wear your gold togo Birkin. I wear mine in summer. Along with BJ trim, toile/chamonix trim and turq. Bolide. Wear your black HAC in winter and gold in summer.
  15. I wear mine all year round...I don't have that worry. Sure give you reasons to buy more bags!