Wondering if PFer got a new FBF???

  1. I know there was a thread about a 'new' FBF purchased off eBay and I was browsing Ann's Fabulous Finds today and saw one on there. I was considering buying it and I came back a couple of hours later and it was sold! Did a lucky PFer get it (I hope)? I am sad but happy for the lucky buyer.
  2. :blush:Guilty. Now I'm trying to decide if I should sell my 05 pewter city that I've never carried. I just took photos and it looks so nice, but my cc is waayyy too high <sigh>.
    If I've never carried it I should sel it right? Except I wanted it sooo bad. And now I might also need to choose between my 04 black city with pewter and the fb cause I can't have two black bags right? Someone just have me committed. Preferably in a straight-jacket so I can't peck at the computer keys.
  3. Ermm..I too have a black FBF and an '04 black City...they are completely different bags:angel:
  4. ok, I am a dork. what does FBF mean???
  5. Flat brass, as in bags from 01 or 02. They are similar to the classique/first but seem a little larger, have flat brass studs, and longer (longer than the city) straps.
    These are amazing bags. Collectables.
  6. I now have two black bbags: an 05 Work and an 05 city :push:

    Perhaps two are *necessary* :graucho:

  7. Well, I am glad a PFer got it! I guess I would sell the bag that I had never used. How long have you had it? I think selling a bag one never uses is a good idea for many reasons. It pays for the new bag (almost). It lets someone who will use it get it. It is good B-bag karma.
  8. Thanks sunspark! :smile:
  9. yes they are and if anything sell the peweter bbag! you don't use it!
  10. C O N G R A T S Sunspark - that bag ROCKS:yahoo:
  11. you guys know better, people are banned for buying/sellling or trading here.
  12. Um, I wasn't actually trying to sell it (them), just talking my way thru this crazy obsession.
    I'm not actually sure I could part with my black 04 for all the tea in China lol..
  13. that's why I didn't edit YOUR thread. I edited the one that made comments that aren't permitted here ;)
  14. oh ok, thanks:smile:
    And darn, dh just asked me which new purse I bought. Somehow he's on to me. I thought I was doing such a good job of hiding my paypal receipts too.
  15. congratso n yoru bag :biggrin: I'd sell the pewter if you don't use it :biggrin: