Wondering if I made the right decision

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  1. So....

    I was waitlisted for a Boy WOC in the metallic black, which was gorgeous but I'm not a huge fan of metallic. I also already have a Proenza Schouler wallet on a chain in black, so I was unsure if I wanted two bags that would be fairly similar and the metallic does make the WOC dressier and I'm not a really dressy kind of girl. However, I liked that the boys in general are a bit edgier than the classic flap bags.

    So I got called and told my reservation had come in and I went to see it and I did think it was beautiful, but while I was there I saw a flap I hadn't seen before...

    I saw the Now and Forever 14C flap in black caviar. My SA told me it was a washed caviar so it's softer than a normal caviar, which I liked. I don't really like very stiff, formal type of bags and the size, considering how petite I am is perfect. It's big enough to fit stuff, but not too big that it can't be a bag I use at night or evenings. However, strap is a bit short so can only wear it on shoulder whereas the WOC is a bit long on me as a crossbody (I'm 5'2"). There is a pretty significant price difference; however, considering how expensive the flaps are going to be after the price increase the price is not so bad.

    I decided to go ahead and get the Now and Forever flap as it's Cruise collection and won't be around forever and this is my first Chanel bag. I'm pretty sure I've made the right decision, but I had to order mine as the one in the store was missing authenticity card and box. So I suppose I still have time to decide if I want to keep it or not, although the boy WOC isn't an option anymore since it's gone to the next person on the waitlist... I'm just thinking aloud and wanted some opinions.

    The gist is:

    I like what I bought, but I wonder if the flap is too classic for me (even if it's not one of the classic flaps, it looks similar but a bit slouchier and not quite as formal, which is why I like it vs the classic flaps).

    I liked the boy woc, I just have something so similar and I dislike getting similar bags. I cannot really get the boy woc as I passed on it, but I could theoretically just waitlist for another boy woc in the future just not the black metallic as I didn't like the sheen. Theoretically, a black calfskin boy in small/medium would be perfect, except I dislike bags that are very structured and the boy is a bit too structured for me even though I like the look. So the Now and Forever flap is not as stiff, but more classic looking and less edgy...

    Also what do you guys think of the washed caviar on the Now and Forever flaps? I like that it's not shiny, but I wonder if it's too dull. The feel was great though, very soft and it seemed durable.

  2. Hum.....I read your post and I am a bit confused

    I can't advise you on washed caviar but can try for the WOC and boys.

    Do you love less structured bag in general but love to give boy a try? You can always wait listed for future boy WOC or a calf skin boy but you know boy is a structure bag (unless you get the braided sheep boy this season).

    It seems you are debating with yourself trying to persuade yourself not to get a structured bag but you actually want a boy.
  3. I actually typically dislike structured bags. Sorry about the rambling, it was kind of therapeutic after a long day of work. I actually don't have any structured bags, I have totes and very soft leather bags. I like the look of the Boy, but the structure is what I don't like about it. I've wanted a flap for a while so the Now and Forever flap might be a good compromise. I was surprised at how much I liked it when I first saw it despite it looking like a classic flap.
  4. Looks like you made the right decision

    As for the boy, like I mentioned earlier that the braided boy bag this season isn't that structured so you can give it a shot. Some TPFers were complaining it being too soft and you can google and fine these threads

    That maybe just what you want!
  5. I think the N&F bag is a good choice for you, since you already have a bag similar to the woc, it would add variety to your bag collection. If you find classics too rigid, then the washed caviar is a good alternative. I have seen the N&F bag IRL, but in lambskin. I love it (for the same reasons you mentioned) bought it, even though I was initially eyeing on something else (just like you).

    I would prefer to add a boy to my collection (of mainly classics) for variety, but I decided not to because I find boys too edgy for me. No clothings to match, and also too boxy. I know I won't wear it out much.

    So I guess the real test is would you wear it out. Do you feel like taking the bag out this weekend? Have no problem matching it with your outfits?

  6. Honestly, since you are questioning your purchase and you haven't even received the bag yet, I would say you aren't completely happy with your decision. There are reasons why you dont like both bags and I think you should keep at it and wait until you find a Chanel that you absolutely love. I really don't think it's worth settling on...
  7. Do you have a pic of the N&F???
  8. Yes! Post the pic!
  9. I did like the Now & Forever for the same reason as you, hollyyih, being soft and not as structured as the classic flap. It does look more "casual" than the M/L, so that's why it attracted me since I'm always in casual attire. Anyway, after I returned the N&F to NM, I looked at a pre-loved boy reverso which I seriously thought about buying. Like the N&F, I found the boy reverso to be more slouchy than the classic boys, but the only reason I didn't get it was because I found out that day about the "so black boy" that was going to be released...so I decided to wait for that one. When the news came out weeks later that the "so black boy" was not going to be released after all, I felt like I was back to square one! But as it turns out, I decided to get an Hermes Lindy 26 as my HG everyday bag. And I haven't changed my mind at all since then, so that's a good sign, fickle as I am! :graucho:

    Anyway, if you're interested in the boy reverso, here is a pic I took of the Now & Forever with the boy reverso next to it. HTH! :smile:

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  10. It's very pretty. Reverso may be hard to get! My N&F is on the way and I think I'm set. It's classic looking, but a bit more casual which is perfect for me!

    I looked at the Garden Party, but the 30 didn't work b/c no shoulder carrying option as you mentioned and the 36 is too big! I also am not in the market for a 5k+ bag so other Hermes options wouldn't work either.
  11. I did my research and looked through a bunch of bags and I feel better about my decision now (at least until it comes in as I'm still waiting)!

    I did fall in love when I first saw it, but I am not an impulse buyer at all. This is the first impulse buy every. I also research for a while before I decide to get a bag. I felt indecisive b/c it's the first time I've bought a bag without thinking about it for a few weeks to a few months. It's when I've thought about it a lot and can't let go of it that I decide to pull the trigger.
  12. Yes, I was looking at a preloved reverso. They are probably HTF at this point, if you want new. I really hope you love the N&F, it's a great looking flap. Can't wait to see your reveal! :smile:
  13. I haven't seen any small black reverso at the two Chanel boutiques I've been to. i also am a bit OCD so lambskin scares me :smile:. I'm not rough on my bags, but the caviar leather is probably better for my peace of mind.

    I'll definitely do a reveal. Tracking says it'll be here tomorrow, but need to wait for my SA to call me!
  14. The boy reverso I have pictured is actually the old medium and it's calfskin, not lamb. :smile: