Wondering if anyone knows what chanel bag this is ?

  1. I was browsing through some website and i came upon this picture


    Anyone knows what bag this is ? And
    I'm looking into buying a bag like this

    ps: I love the color red :smile:

  2. It's the red classic jumbo flap :love:
  3. ^ Agree again, purly! There's also an XL, med and a smaller one I think.

    Puff, check out the Flaps/Reissues thread in the reference library. Although I warn you, it's a dangerous thread to read if you are open to suggestions LOL
  4. Red is an extremely limited and hard to come by color for the classic flap (or any Chanel flap for that matter). I know so many TPF'ers are dying to get their hands on a red flap. It isn't being released for spring/summer '08 so you'd have to wait until at least fall of '08 to see if they'll release it again.

    Your best bet is eBay or a vintage consignment shop.