Wondering how to tell if my purse is real or not

  1. HI, my boyfriend just bought me a chanel purse and i was wondering if there was any way to tell if he actually bought me an authentic chanel. It came with a tag that said it was authentic and it has leather stamp on the inside. I can't find any pictures of any like it on the internet to compare to. thank you
    chanel.JPG chanelback.JPG chanelcloseup.JPG chanelinside.JPG chaneltag.JPG
  2. well. . . did it have any tags hanginf g from it?
    Does it smell like leather?
    Does the quilting align perfectly?
    What does the authenticity card look like and does the # on it match the # on the hologram sticker inside the bag?

    You can post pics in the Authenticate This! sticky in our Chanel Shopping Forum and we can tell you for sure pretty quickly.

  3. There are so many funny things I would love to post, but I will remain quiet...:nuts:
  4. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it.
  5. It is real leather, the quilting does match up perfectly.... but there was no holgram or number... he told me he got it through his friend because it has a small defect and was supposed to go back... would that be why? the defect is a small mark on one of themetal plates near the strap.
  6. Sorry, its fake, should not have a black tag hanging from it.

    Also, could be just me, but I have never seen a tag on a Chanel bag stating it's authentic.
  7. Michele is the super expert..sorry..hope he did not pay big $$$$ for it.
  8. it did have a black tag i took it off when i used it... but there is a picture of it lol
  9. the tag says " we certify the authenticity of this item and confirmthat it has been subjected to the most exacting quality control. Its high quality is a symbol of the fine reputation of the Trademark.
  10. oh, pics were not there when I posted my response Ladies, I swear!

    Sorry, MissConversano, your bag is definitely not authentic :sad:
  11. hooww do u know its fake? lol :sad:
  12. a few things, one being that Chanel DOES NOT put black tags like that on their bags.
  13. but its a refurbished purse does that make any difference?
  14. nope, doesn't make a difference.
  15. Also, although I cannot read what it says, the interior tag is way to big and square shaped. It should be more rectangular in shape.

    The black tag has nothing to do with being refurbished. There should be a hologram sticker and authenticity card. There would never be such a defect on a bag.