Wondering about the medium quilted bay...

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I don't post much but I drool plenty :biggrin:

    I'm still trying to get my first Chloe bag, and I've always loved the medium quilted bay. I'm wondering a few things about it:

    1) Is it too heavy to be used as an everyday bag?

    2) Can it be worn on the shoulder without a winter coat on?

    3) I'm 5' 1/2" tall...would it look ridiculously big on me?

    Thank you for any help/advice you can give! :smile:
  2. Hi there and welcome - I currently own 2 quilted bays. I know that a lot of girls complain about their weight - but this is the case with a lot of the chloe styles generally. I personally found the paddington and the large heloise to be heavier and harder to endure carrying than the bay bag.

    No I don't think it would look too big on you at all. It is a big enough bag without having that oversized look - and I think it looks fine on petite girls. I am 5'6, I guess pretty average size and height and it's fine on me.

    good luck!
  3. thanks, daisy. i remember there was a thread on here somewhere about the weight of chloe bags. must look it up again.
  4. I don't find it heavy though I did find the paddington too heavy to carry everyday. I'm about your height and I find it to be a very medium sized bag, not too big at all. Also, fits comfortably on the shoulder. I hope that helps!
  5. You can't go wrong with the quilted bay...one of the best Chloe bags!

    I loved mine and they sit very well on the shoulder, and it will not look too big on you. Its the perfect medium sized bag..IMHO
  6. thanks for the responses, ladies. if one of you don't mind, could you weigh one of your empty medium quilted bay bags? i'd really like to know how much it weighs by its lonesome.
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