Wondering about SF....?

  1. You know....I'm beginning to wonder about San Fran. At first I thought it was me........me and my cooties. Then I thought, "Naaaa it can't be....it's just that it's a small store and they don't get much stock". After today, I'm back to thinking it's ME again! :wtf: What is WITH that store!?!?!?!!? Why oh why can't they stock something other than canvas bags (not that I have anything against canvas) or strange styles (not that I have anything against the Himalaya :rolleyes:)! Where are the Kelly's! Where are the Bolide's! Where are the (forget about Birkins) Plumes! Where or where IS everything!!!!!

    Either they have a HUGE back-room filled to the brim with Hermes best sellers or........I MUST have the cooties! :crybaby:
  2. Ok....to be fair....they DID still have the Black Croc Birkin with the Diamond hardware .......but WHO CARES ANYMORE!!!! It's been there for over a month! Get something new! Rotate the stock! DO SOMETHING!!!! ack! :lecture: :lecture: :lecture:
  3. shopmom!!! u need to book a ticket to buenos aires PRONTO to get ur fix of amazing eye candy....we're talking birkins here....at the H store there. my SA told me this morning they received NEW STUFF!!!!
  4. :yes: Don't get me started about SF. Although I was pleasantly surprised they actually sent the Le Monde. I thought I had a snowballs chance in H E double hockey sticks of getting one. :lol: I haven't been there for a few weeks and I bet I can name the bags they have out!!! I bet you anything they have all the cool stuff in the back. We need to go on a mission D. Have my DH create a diversion and we'll sneak back there. :lol: Pretty much every time I've been there they've brought out a Birkin for someone (never me!!!!) to take a look at.

    Did they have any Massais? :sweatdrop:
  5. D, you crack me up! Do they have set days for shipments? When we met up that one time, they had a pretty decent selection that day eh? I do find it odd that they don't take orders over there. What's up with that? No Bolides or Plumes either? Now that's pretty weird.
  6. OH! And don't get ME started on LE MONDE! Did I ever get mine? NO! Did I have to go all the way to the city to get mine? YES! :smash:

    ...yes, they had the Massai but for the life of me I can't remember the color!!!:wtf:
  7. I don't know Orchids............maybe it really IS me.........:sad:
  8. I went to the SF today too, and it was actually my first time going in. Although the girl helping me was pleasant enough, I can't say I really enjoyed myself. I got my Kelly (!!) this morning, so of course I was carrying it, and I went because I was so excited and wanted to get a Twilly scarf to tie onto it. Not only did they have like, 4 to choose from (My Neiman Marcus has at least 3 times that!), I also didn't feel welcome/glad to be spending my money there. All the workers were quite cold.
    Meh, I moved away from Chicago, but I think I'll still reserve all my shopping for that store..
  9. They had one orange epsom Plume for about a year it seems. If it ain't sellin' put something new out!!! ;)

    D, I hope you cracked the whip at jose!!! :P Oh, was the Massai BJ? That's the last one I saw a few weeks ago. Don't tell me it was red or I'll :crybaby: . I hope they do have the BJ one out forever because that's the one color I don't need. :lol:
  10. Yes, D, all the SAs scream "Here she comes!" when they see you coming. It's their cue to take all the non-Himalaya bags and hide them in the back room. They're all plotting against you. :sneaky: They want to thwart you.:ninja: Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!:devil:
  11. I'm with Heather on this one--Jose needs some talking to! Btw, D, I'm calling up Hermes as we speak, er...post, about Ano cuff availability. I saw them in BH several months ago but didn't bother trying any on.
  12. Shopmom, the bags are there and they are in the back room. Trust me on that one. They do the same thing at the two stores near me. All of the good are in the back. You need to get them to bring the goods out for you or for you to be escorted nicely to the back. Figure out the way for that to happen and you shall see everything the store has to offer.
  13. ^ I adore my Ano coff, Orchids...hope you get one!!

    D, I reckon it's just the store, not you. Who does all the ordering there?

    Also, I know here we get a big delivery just leading up to Christmas - so perhaps SF is waiting for all their Chrissy stock?
  14. It is never a pleasant trip to the SF store! I had an SA (forgot his name) call me 4 days later about the tweedee, only to tell me that he can order it from the NY store!!! :hysteric:
  15. bellagazer-I've worked with SA name Paul in SF store. He is super nice guy and helpful!!! If you don't find any SA you particularily like, try to work with Paul. He is just great to work with!:yes: