Wondering about Melie Bianco?

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  1. Lately I've been noticing these Melie Bianco bags. I know they're not quality bags, but they sure look cute!!! Any comments?
  2. Love them. I remember they were popular for awhile when LC from Laguna Beach carried the hobo on the show.
  3. They fill me with dread. I was posted one from an ebay auction from which I paid for an authentic Costume National. I was horrified. But they are quitecolourful and fun I think.
  4. I think they are cute but the quality sometimes lacks. but v. cute anyway.
  5. Melie Bianco bags are FUN! However, you can't expect much quality from them. I have three or four of them, I splurged when Lauren carried hers on Laguna Beach. I still have that exact bag that she carried and I carry every now and then.

    So, yes I totally recommend Melie Bianco, just don't expect designer quality is all.
  6. . . . so I order this Melie Bianco and it arrived today. It's so cute!!! :yes: I just wish that the straps were leather! It's a fake croc in a suedelike material and I LOVE how it feels! I can't believe it!! It's sooo soft to the touch!!! I wish I knew where to get one just like it, only in leather. I'm kind of mortified that I like it so much! :nuts:Hmmm. Interesting. I guess I feel a bit "snobbish" about it (being cheap), or something. Well, my Vegan friends will be impressed. It's an "olive-y/brown-y" color that I'm lovin! What a great rainy day bag. An umbrella even fits in it, no problem.
    Just wanted to share!
    (Has anyone else ever been kind of ashamed that they like a "cheapie" so much?):shame:

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  7. ^^Interesting, it looks like they copied the shape and pleating of the Andrea Brueckner satchel to the "T"! They did the same with Lolli by Reincarnation's ring hobo. But hey, at under a quarter of the price of the originals, I wouldn't complain...they are indeed cute. :smile:

    Andrea Brueckner saddle bag:
  8. Thanks so much for letting me know that! I was wondering which bag inspired it. Off to research . . .
  9. Most melie bianco bags are designer inspired. Some are cute but you really only get what you pay for.
  10. Some are cute, but they lack quality. They're good if you want a cheapie one-season throw-around bag.
  11. Yes, I agree. I think it will be a great throw around bag to use for hauling my extra "work stuff" around. I work as a merch rep and often end up carrying alot of stuff around "just in case". It'll be good for that cuz' it's so huge and will be OK if it ends up sitting on the floor or whatever in some store. (I got it at "Stylefly" for only $20.00!)
  12. I have one that I use as my cheapie "running around with the kid on Saturdays" bag. Like previous posters have said, they are cute "fun" bags but certainly not luxe.
  13. temo-You shouldn't feel guilty for carrying a cheapie! A cute purse is a cute purse...regardless of price. I just feel blessed that I can buy designer bags. I remember times when $20 for a purse was a lot for me to swallow. Enjoy your new MB bag, very cute!
  14. By not being designer quality, what do you mean? Like they don't last long? I know they are synthetic leather, but I'm just looking for a large throw-around bag for school.
  15. I'm specifically interested in this style --

    It's very big just like I want it! 20" L x 6" W x 13" H which is bigger than the biggest bag I own now (17" L)