wondering about chloe paddington

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  1. hello
    I was just wondering if someone would be willing to give me information on which website is best to order a chloe paddington large satchel replica from?
    I've looked at many website and am so unsure which one to trust. I have a limited funds and can't afford a real one.
    Please help!I don't want to be ripped off.

  2. First off, welcome!

    The thing is shells, people feel ripped off when they receive a replica instead of an authentic bag (especially when they pay an authentic price).

    But if you WANT a replica, and look to BUY a replica, well, then you'll GET a replica, and at a replica price. You won't be ripped off.... you'll get what you paid for *and all its implications*

    I don't think you'll get site recommendations for replicas/exact copies/fakes from this board since that's not what this place is about. There are some inspired-by bags available at major retailers like JC Penney or Target for less if you're thinking that route.
  3. I think this thread doesn't allow people asked for replicas bags. By the way, if you get a replica bag, then you'll be ripped off.
    If you cannot afford for a real one, then don't buy... buying replicas are stupid. Why don't you save your money for a real one instead of getting a replica? Don't you think when people know that is not an authentic bag, they will laugh at you? But they will never laugh at you when you are using a non designer bag~
    If you buy a replica, you are actually buying an absolutely different thing, then what's the point of buying?
    If you cannot afford a designer bag, buy a non designer bag or save money to buy a real one.

    Sorry, if i sound harsh!!!
  4. if you really love the paddington shape and design... get an inspired bag not a fake.... I don't see the point of carrying a fake... Where's the pleasure in carrying a fake... you're ripping yourself off (a fake doesn't even compare to the real thing)... besides it's been reported that counterfeit goods fund terrorist organisations.... so don't buy one

    BTW I can't really afford one at it's full price either... I saved and waited for a sale... that's my recommendation! HTH
  5. I must add here I've seen many expensive fakes and they've all been ugly; they use wrong kind of stiff leather and hardware has been wrong colour too... if you pay many hundreds you dont want to end up with a bag that everyone can tell far it's not real! authetic paddys have nice vintagey look with pebbly soft leather and matte darker brass hardware, fakes have horrible shiny blinky gold hardware.... totally wrong look and style. and I've heard they go broken easily too :sad:

    If I was you I would invest to some used authentic paddington, if you get lucky you might find one from ebay for 500-700 usd:yes:

    You can get bags autheticated before buying on thread authenticate this chloe under chloe shopping section, just copy and paste ebay link there.
  6. Do yourself a favor and buy a real one. You could probably find a used one in nice condition, for about half the price of when it was new. Or, just get a nice Coach bag, which is very pretty and made well. I think you will feel best if you are wearing something that is real, even if it's not a Chloe. Fakes are NEVER attractive, IMHO. :wlae:
  7. This site does not promote the sale of fake bags. Sorry.
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