Wondering about Chanel bag sales???

  1. I guess since must of the sale Chanel stuff is gone at Saks and NM I was wondering how often they mark down Chanel bags?? Are they done pretty often or not that much?? I thought Chanel was like LV where there stuff never goes on sale. I love the sales they really rock and help the collection grow:love:
  2. I think the current Chanel sale is because the Cambon line of beige and pink color are going to be discontinued. The other classic styles like LV will never be on sale.:flowers:
  3. Could someone please fill me in on the details ? If there are anymore ? I'm really interested in getting maybe a pochette or a bowler - but I'm in Canada where there's no Saks or NM, are there sales at the actual Chanel stores as well ?

    Thanks for any information at all !
  4. I PMed you! I know guccigirl lives in Canada so she can help you with the Canadian sales
  5. i know chanel vancouver started their sales a few weeks ago. They have selected handbags and shoes and clothes on sale (no cambons though). I dont' know whether the sale is still on or not.

    Also, does anyone know if chanel will do a further markdown before they end their sales? Thanks!
  6. HEy ayla!

    The Chanel store in Canada does have the occasional sale. They had one which started a few weeks ago. They had some bags, shoes and RTW. I saw the occasional costume jewellery price as well. The problem with the Canadian sales is that merchandise goes on sale for 2 weeks then whatever is not sold is marked back up to the original price. When I was in Vancouver on Monday, they had already done all the markups since the summer sale is now finished (grrrr made me so mad!!). So no further markdowns in Canada! The next sale will be in December. I usually go after Christmas (28th for my b-day) and the sale has started either that day or the day before. Hope this helps, if you have ne more Q's just ask away!!

    Oh and I do have a question for and Torontonians. The Bloor HR was opening a Chanel in there I believe. Has anyone been in and visitied? Is it even open yet?? I wonder if this will be run more in the style of the Saks Chanels? I Doubt it, but one can dream!

  7. ^^^ it is open. haven't been in, but did a phone order
  8. Aww.. man, I was in Europe for all of last month so I probably missed out on all the good stuff ! Thanks for all the info, very detailed ! I've yet to buy anything Chanel so this is a whole new game for me. I'm going to the States this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to score at a random Chanel counter, otherwise it may just be a tearful waiting until I can make it to Woodbury Commons.. or the next Chanel sale ! :Push:
  9. You're the best (once again !) - thanks for all the info ! :amuse:
  10. Someone please fill me in too. I live in the US.

    I am new to Chanel.

    Is the reporter bag from the regualr line? Does is go on sale? Is it still available or discontinued.

    How many sizes does it come in?
  11. The reporter bag isn't discontinued. However certain colors are being phased out (pink/black and beige/black).
  12. Oh. I see. So only those colors went on sale?