Wondering about Central Park........the scarf....

  1. What exactly does "Limited Edition" mean when it comes to scarves. Does this mean, in the case of "Central Park" that it's only issued once and that's it? Or does it mean that it was issued in a small amount but it might come around again?
  2. Hermes usually doesn't reissue the exact same scarf. They may reissue a design, but not the same colorway. Also, sometimes the limited edition scarves are designed for a particular event at a particular location. For example, to commemorate a recent horse event, they reissued Sequences in 2 different colorways and limited numbers to 200 of each colorway.
  3. ok......Thanks, HG!

    It looks to me like "Central Park" was issued in the black colorway......do you know how many were issued and if there was any other colors?
  4. I thought the Central Park was the "H" scarf in orange on orange? I've seen it a couple of times. If you're very, very interested I know of a seller who wanted to sell it a couple of months ago but it didn't sell (after the same scarf went for USD 800 a couple of days earlier - go figure) - I could ask if that scarf is still available.....
  5. Hello......this is the one Hermes did to commemorate 150 year anniversary of Central Park in NYC. I can't remember the artist though......
  6. HG, you are the best!
  7. Hello, you're referring to the orange H en bias scarf that commemorated Christo's Gates at Central Park. I think the scarf Shopmom is referring to is the reissue of Jardin Enchante by Ljubomir Milinkov. I remember that Gates commemorative scarf on eBay.
  8. Of course you are right, I am sorry!!!! I totally had the two confused - oops... ;)
  9. Is this the one?
    Picture 2.jpg
  10. There are 2 "central park" scarves
    - the black one below is a special edition of Jardin Enchante by Milinkov for the 150th anniversary of the park , it was available in black & also in a turquoise/sea green - both say 15oth anniversary etc
    - The second is a reissue of Promenades de Longchamps with the confusing titel "Hommage a Central Park"- this is really a carre to commemorate the opening of the NYC H boutique (near CP) and really is not about the park itself ...
  11. Yep, Rose, that's the one.