Wondering about Artois quality/wear & tear

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  1. I’m going to Paris in September and have been wanting an Artois MM for awhile! Curious if it seems to hold up better than the St Louis with its infamous strap/cracking issues. I love the size, zipper, and reinforced corners but would choose something else if quality is a likely problem. Thank you!
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  2. I’m had my Artois mm since October 2018 and it’s my most used bag! I’ve had zero issues and I do not baby this bag at all. It’s workhorse and I’d highly recommend it!
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  3. I have an Artois PM I use daily for the past few months and a MM that I use for travel- no issues. I also don’t baby them- I live in a city and get bumped around on public transport, I have kids, I place them on the floor, load them with heavy items, baggage scanners at airports, etc. I love them so much that I am going to expand my Goyard family and get a St. Louis GM while I’m traveling this week.
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  4. I have an Artois PM and, like the others who have responded, have not had any issues. I do somewhat baby it (but I tend to baby all my more expensive bags - lol) but it's held up well. No scuffs and looks new. I do think it's thicker material and thicker handles than the St. Louis which is why I've not had any problems. Am considering an Artois MM now!
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  5. Thank you, ladies!
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