Wonderful weekend full of BV!

  1. So on Friday my new noce cosmetic case arrived safe, sound, and smelling wonderful. I thought it would be perfect for my Montaignes to hold my loose stuff (BlackBerry, keys, card case) and it is! The base is quite wide and that helps keep my wallet upright - before it kept falling over on its side and the other stuff would get all mixed up, but now everything stays neatly in place. I'm so happy with it and think the noce colour will go well in all four colours of my Montaignes.

    Next I took the plunge on another noce beauty this morning - it turned out to be an AWESOME deal (thanks to Justsnipe...) I won't give away what it is until it arrives but let's just say I'm not just a Montaigne girl anymore!

    And then tonight, when I was already basking in the glow of my lovely noce weekend (it also didn't rain much for a change this weekend so I was able to use my noce Montaigne all weekend too), I came across a little red piece that I ABSOLUTELY had to have. As a result, let's just say it was NOT an awesome deal like this morning's purchase... but not getting it was not an option so I'll just tell myself that I applied some of what I saved this morning towards its purchase!

    I'll post pictures of all my new arrivals when they all get here - I can't wait!!

    Now I just need to find the nero zip-around wallet that will (together with the little red number and the noce cosmetic case) complete what I need to make my BVs look as wonderful inside as they do outside... I've been looking far and wide but so far no luck - but I'm enjoying the looking so much I really don't mind!!
  2. Sounds like a terrific (and busy wallet) weekend BM!! Can;t wait to see your new buys!
  3. I may have been a bit premature in my excitement - when I went back just a few minutes ago to lovingly look at the pictures of my noce purchase from this morning again, I discovered that the Seller ceased to be a registered user at some point today... I have a feeling that all of my previous good experiences with eBay might have hit a bump in the road... So I'm off to find out what this means and what I do next. Ugh.
  4. hi bookermoose, i hope everything works out in the end. take comfort, you now have something in carmine, which is such a fabulous colour!
  5. Oh no...

    I do hope you have good news after going to see what that fuss with eBay is about. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  6. Oh, BookerMoose, sorry to hear that. But I´m keeping my fingers crossed and I´m sure we`ll all be delighted by the sight of your new goodies!
  7. Looks like I am going to be just a Montaigne girl after all... Oh well, I guess that is what I get for rushing into an impulse buy. I read all the horror stories on the eBay forum, so I shouldn't be surprised. Now I get to see first-hand how eBay deals with this sort of thing.

    But hopefully my red item will work out okay... And my cosmetic case is still lovely...

  8. Hope things work out BookerMoose
  9. Sorry to hear that, BM. I have seen quite a few of good BV bags on ebay but am always hesitate to enter my bid. Ebay will be on your side as long as the other party is no longer registered. Hopefully they can recover your money quickly.
  10. Can't wait to see your noce and carmino goodies, Bookermoose, I'm sure they will be just stunning, I'm so sorry the ebay purchase hasn't worked out..... but I'm sure you can put the funds towards another BV beauty.
  11. Bookermoose, I can't wait to see your cosmetic case! Sorry about your EBay experience. EBay scares me! Bluefly has the zip around wallet in nero if you're still looking.
  12. Oh dear BookerMoose, hope everyting works out for you!!
    Please post pics of your noce cosmetic case and "red piece" when you get the chance, I'd love to see how they fit in your Montaigne too!! and good luck on your nero zip around hunt!!

    PS: In my mind, you are forever crowned as Montaigne Queen no matter how many other BVs you get!!;)
  13. People are sometimes NARU'd on Ebay if they don't pay their fees on time - it may still work out for you!
  14. Hope everything works out Bookermoose. Can't wait to see your new BV goodies! :yes:
  15. BookerMoose, you have been busy! Can't wait to see your goodies, and like Mid- said, you will always be the montaigne queen!