Wonderful wallet?

  1. I am very keen to buy a long black Chanel wallet with silver hardware. I adore the reissue metallic black wallet and that would be my absolute first choice, but I am open to other options too. The stores in London were only able to offer wallets with gold hardware and I am now going Global! All SA recommendations very welcome. I am also going to call the wonderful Lisa H. who sourced my Ultimate Soft for me, but would welcome other advice too. Thank you muchly!
  2. I have a black Paris/New York wallet, and love it. You can try Indra at the Chanel boutique in Virginia at 1-703-847-0555. This wallet has the distressed silver hardware.
  3. Just got this one: You can use it as a wallet or like a clutch for going out. I like the zip around so my stuff doesn't fall out. This caviar and SH combo is also available in other styles. I got mine from Saks in Atlanta.
    IMG_7210.JPG IMG_7211.JPG