Wonderful Shopping Experience

  1. I was in Chicago for the weekend and the only thing on my mind was going to Barney's NY and finally seeing BBags in person.(I live where BBags aren't sold anywhere) I was with my sisters so as soon as we checked in to the hotel I was like "Let's go find Barney's" As soon as we walked thru the door I spotted them. OOOHHHH I was in heaven! I have 2 bags that I bought off e-bay but to see that many at one time- WOW! Now I have been wanting a mini coin purse so I found the case and a very nice SA, Karyn, showed me everything I wanted to see. There was a red one and a black one. They also had a grenat mini compagnon that matched my bordeaux first perfectly BUT I wanted a coin purse. So I bought the black :yahoo: I love it soooo much! I am still excited 2 days later! So here it is....
  2. Gorgeous!! So glad you had a lovely BBag shopping experience!! CONGRATS!
  3. It's great to hear that you had a good experience at Barney's! I've always had mixed reactions to their customer service. I think it just depends on who you get. Congrats on your lovely coin purse!